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Our talented, dedicated Social Media Team are pioneers in this space, with several years of knowledge and hands-on experience in the planning and execution of tailored Social Media campaigns that grow your followers and keeps them loyal. We also offer custom demographic advertising campaigns in order to reach your target audience.

Advanced Social Media Marketing Plans

Review our Advanced Social Media Marketing Plans and options below to see how we can rapidly generate a vast following for your company.



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Monthly Fee $595 p/m $995 p/m $1495 p/m
Facebook & Instagram 3x Week (cross-posted) 5x Week (cross-posted) 7x Week (cross-posted)
Facebook Ads Management
Instagram Story 3x Week 5x Week 7x Week
Twitter 2x Week 3x Week 5x Week
Yelp     Checked Monthly
Blog Posting   1x Month 2x Month
Competitor Research  
Social Media Audit Every 90 Days Every 60 Days Every 30 Days
Live Phone Support
Monthly Ranking Report
Dedicated SM Expert
Manage Facebook Ads
(additional budget required)
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* The Asterick indicates that you can choose one additional social media platform that best suits your business.

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What are the benefits of getting active on Social Media?

  • The more 'likes,
    ...follows, comments' you get on Social the more Google will move you up, so you get more visitors.
  • Small Buisinesses
    are notorious...
    ...for not being social media savvy. What this means is: the field is ripe for the taking. You can swoop in and dominate.
  • Your customers
    ...on these social platforms. You need to make your company visible and promote it where your customers are online.

Our Secret Strategy to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Facebook shows organic (non-paid) posts to 5% of your followers. If your Facebook Business page has 10K followers, only 50 will see your posts, and only a small percentage of that 50 will engage the post. Simply doing organic posts will not get you likes/followers.

Now, imagine if your page only had 100 followers. That means only 5 people would see your posts? Long story short, these days it is essential for small businesses to boost their posts on Facebook. This is not free, you have to pay Facebook for this. We recommend that you budget to pay Facebook $100-$200 to promote your posts so that they reach more people. The budget required to run Facebook Paid Promotions is not included in your monthly Social Media Management fee with Clear Imaging. You must pay Facebook directly for these ads.

How Does it Work?

Here is our process simplified into three steps:

  • Setup You give us access to your social media accounts, and provide us with photo/video of your products & services.
  • Strategize We work with you to decide your target audience , your brand message and the type of content we should create.
  • Execute We start posting on your Social Media channels and your message gets sent out to your target audience, getting you more exposure.

Read what our clients have to say about our
Social Media Marketing

  • Consistent and Engaging Clear imaging has given us the piece of mind that our presence on social media will be consistent and engaging, so we can focus on the bigger-picture to ensure our company grows and prospers.
    Dean Sal
    Dean's Landscaping
  • I couldn’t be happier! Clear Imaging has been managing my social media for the last three years or so and I couldn’t be happier! I really enjoyed working with Julie and excited to be working with Kieram and learning new ways of promoting my business!
    Ed Bassett
    Bassett Construction
  • Best There is Best there is, was or ever will be. They do something no other web company does... deliver!
    Jonathan Mathes

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Social Media Marketing (SMM), plays a vital role in any digital marketing. You need to reach out to your customers where they are. And in this day and age, they are on social media platforms. We can reach out and get in front of them with your message and make your business known in your local area.

Our SMM FAQs below provide informative answers to frequently asked questions about SMM in order to find out why it may be the right marketing strategy for your business.

Q: What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM), is the process of actively promoting and advertising a business on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, among others.

Social media marketing consists of creating interesting content, publishing it on your social media accounts, building trust with your audience, entertaining them, educating them and finally promoting services to them, resulting in leads. Think of it as give, give, give, take.

Q: How Does SMM Work?

After completing an audit of your existing social media, we map out a game plan for each social media platform with a tailored strategy consisting of generating and posting relative content across all your platforms on an ongoing basis to boost engagement.

We also work with you to craft a Facebook “brand awareness” ad campaign with a focus of getting as many views possible, at a budget you can manage. The purpose is to get your name and logo burned into the minds of your target audience in your local area.

Why? Because when they think of your services, we want them to think of you. We recommend no less than $500-$1000 per month for your Facebook brand awareness ad budget, with a duration of at least 6-12 months.

After ‘softening the battlefield’ with your brand awareness campaign for 6-12 months, we then recommend you start a ‘lead generation’ campaign, which has the focus of getting viewers to call you, or message you to request a quote.

Q: Does My Business Really Need SMM?

Certainly! SMM provides a unique opportunity to identify and target your ideal demographic audience like no other digital marketing strategy and placing ads is highly cost effective.

When properly executed, SMM can also be another great vehicle for generating traffic to your website and boosting engagement, while producing highly qualified leads.

Q: Why Don’t I Have Many Followers On Social Media?

The most common reason for low or no engagement on any social media platform usually comes down to a lack of consistent, quality and interesting content posts. Frequent posting of engaging articles, photos or humorous videos is a must!

The other, and most important factor to engaging new followers or potential customers, is to commit to a social media advertising campaign using boosted posts, which is a science unto itself, and why you need a professional SMM provider.

You should note that only 1-5% of your followers see your posts on Facebook, which is why you MUST also boost posts by making them into Facebook Ads.

Q: How Long Will It Take To Start Seeing Results?

Social media marketing is not a sprint but more of a marathon. It usually can take several months to promote your brand and generate awareness, build followers and drive engagement in your local community.

Getting Followers
There are three ways you can get new followers to your Facebook and Instagram accounts:

1. Invite your friends to like/follow your pages
2. Create content that goes viral (hoping to go viral is not an effective strategy)
3. Run an ad campaign which focuses on getting new followers. It can cost $1-3 per follower. Just posting on your pages will not get you new followers.

Getting Engagement
The only way to get great engagement is to have amazing content. And in this day and age that means VIDEO. We rely on you to provide us with video clips of your business activities so we can post these on your social media channels and grab attention.

Getting Views
Since your posts are only seen by 1-5% of your followers on Facebook and around 15% on Instagram, if you only have 1,000 followers on Facebook, only a few dozen users will see your posts in their feeds.

Therefore, if you want to get the word out and get known in your local area, it is crucial that you run Facebook Ad campaigns. Don’t worry, we take care of all of that for you!

Getting Leads
People won’t do business with you unless they know you, like you, and trust you. Which is why we start with a 6-12 month brand awareness campaign to potential customers in your local area, BEFORE we run an ad that asks for a sale or tries pitching a free quote.

Q: What Can I Expect From A Social Media Marketing Campaign?

The first phase is where we perform a thorough audit of your existing social media accounts before we can map out an extensive, strategic game plan.

The next phase pertains to generating awareness and engagement via boosted posts in the form of appealing text, photos and videos towards a specific demographic audience.

Within months, you can expect followers who are engaging and consuming your content, and once we go live with a ‘lead generation’ ad campaign you can expect a steady portion of them converting into qualified buyers, each month.

Q: What If I Don’t Have Any Existing Social Media?

Not a problem. We will be happy to assist you with setting up the required social media accounts for your campaign, with simple instructions to follow.

And if you do have existing social media accounts but can no longer gain access to them, we suggest creating brand new accounts.

Q: What Kind Of Content Do You Post?

Our approach to social media is simple: educate. By giving free and useful information to your viewers you are positioning yourself not only as an authority, but as a person of goodwill. This builds trust with your viewers.

Some of the posts we make to your social media accounts include:

a. DIY tips
b. Reviews from your customers
c. Links to blog articles on your website
d. Photos/Video of your team, products, services
e. Short but sweet educational quotes related to your industry
f. Benefits of your products/services

Q: Do You Recommend Posting Promotions and Special Offers?

Yes, but only on Facebook and Instagram. We recommend 90% of your content is educational or entertainment, and 10% is promotions and special offers. Remember, social media is a party, and no one likes being sold things at a party.

All of the content that we create is educational, so if you have seasonal promotions or special offers, just give us the information and we'd be happy to post it for you, or you can simply post it yourself.

Q: How Do I Measure SMM Results?

We provide you with a monthly report that shows key performance indicators such as campaign Impressions (views), Engagement (comments, likes, shares), and Followers.

With boosted posts (another way of saying Facebook Ads), we can also track how many Facebook ad contact forms were submitted and measure these metrics and adjust them to improve the results in future.

Q: How Long Do I Pay The Monthly Fee?

We have a 6-month minimum commitment with all our social media marketing plans, since we commit a lot of time and resources to the ongoing campaign in advance.

Most of our clients continue with their social media marketing campaign after the 6-month minimum commitment, as they are enjoying a favorable return on investment.

Q: Which SMM Plan Should I Go With?

We recommend starting a social media marketing campaign that comfortably suits your monthly budget, while also meeting all of your desired needs and initiatives.

It goes without saying, the higher the plan, the more time and resources we can dedicate to your SMM campaign, which will generate even better results over time.

Q: Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade To Another Plan?

You may certainly upgrade to a higher SMM Plan at any time. Obviously, the more you spend, the more time we can dedicate to your campaign, hence you will experience better results.

But you are not able to downgrade to a lower SMM Plan within the first 6 months, since we plan and allocate resources ahead of time. Beyond the first 6 months, we will review your circumstances and generally find an amicable resolution.

Q: What If I’m Not Getting Any Results?

With years of experience managing SMM campaigns, we live or die by our results. Aligning expectations with realistic goals and objectives is crucial, hence we have a 6 month minimum commitment, although we always recommend a 12 month campaign.

For the first 6-12 months, the goal isn’t generating leads or sales, rather it is to reach as many people as possible and getting your name and your logo KNOWN in your area.

This is the ‘brand awareness’ ad campaign we mentioned earlier, which we recommend a budget between $500-$1000 per month for these Facebook ads. This ad budget is paid by you directly to Facebook, using your Facebook Ads account.

After we have ‘softened the battlefield’ with brand awareness ads, we then recommend running an additional ‘lead generation’ campaign, which asks for customers to call, visit your website, or fill out a form for a quote.

Q: Who Own's My Social Media Accounts?

You do. We simply add ourselves as administrative users to your accounts, but all accounts are in your name and are owned by you.

Q: Can I Still Post On My Social Accounts if I Hire You?

Absolutely, we encourage you to post to your social media accounts any time you want. It will not conflict with what we're posting, at all.

Q: What Do You Need From Me?

We need a steady supply of photos and short 15-second video clips of your products/services/team/customers. If you're a contractor, we'd love to get photos & video of the work your team is doing, and then photos & video once the project is completed.

If you can't send us your own videos or photos we will use stock photos and footage, however posts that use stock get less attention and don't perform as well.

Q: Can I Cancel If I’m Not Satisfied?

Yes, you may cancel your social media marketing plan at the end of the 6-month minimum commitment if you are unsatisfied with the results and unwilling to continue.

In some cases, either the competition is too fierce in your local community or the cost of promotion and advertising can be prohibitive.

In this case we may recommend a different approach to your online strategy, perhaps even switching to one of our other suitable digital marketing campaigns. Learn More »

Q: How Do I Get Started?

Simply review our Social Media Marketing Plans listed above and then click on the appropriate “Sign Up Now” button to complete and submit the registration form.

You will receive an order confirmation in your email inbox. A dedicated Account Manager will call you shortly after you register to get you started.

Q: What If I Need To Speak To Someone First?

That’s fine! Feel free to call and speak with a Customer Service representative who will be happy to answer any questions at 1-800-380-6942 (ext 1).

You will also have complete access to your very own dedicated Social Media Manager by direct phone and email. Thank you for choosing Clear Imaging!

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