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Tracking & Analytics Getting search engine traffic and visitors to your website via ethical and effective SEO techniques is one thing. But tracking and measuring the traffic is another. Without knowing, it is virtually impossible to tweak and improve your ongoing SEO marketing efforts. This is where Tracking & Analytics software plays a major role in the overall process. You can learn a lot about how and where your traffic is or is not coming from and how to remedy these issues.

Google Analytics is the most popular and effective Tracking & Analytics software and best of all, it's Free. It tracks and measures things like Keyword Density, Search Engine Sources, Other Referrers, Daily/Monthly Visitor Totals, Popular Entry and Exit pages, Broken Links, among numerous other features that can help you understand how your SEO strategy is either helping or hurting your website rankings in all the major search engines.

Study the Google Analytics Tutorials and Forums. Monitor your Analytics Tools every week and become proficient at measuring and spotting trends.

Tracking & Analytics Resources

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However, if you're more into the simpler things in life, we provide a Free, more simplified Web Stat Tracking tool that can give you a general overview of how your website is performing.

- Simply go to your website homepage, and then type in "webstat" in the address bar, after the .com/

Example: if your website link is: www.xyzservices.com then type in: www.xyzservices.com/webstat in the browser address bar and click "Go" or "Enter" to view your Website Statistics.

- Focus on the yellow "Visits" daily or monthly column to see the amount of 'unique' visitors who are visiting your website.

- You may also click on any month to view a full, detailed report.

- Also Bookmark this page by adding it to your "Favorites" so you can view it in future.

Tracking & Analytics Summary:

  • Getting traffic to your website is key but tracking & analyzing is crucial.
  • Tracking & Analytics enables you to tweak & improve your rankings.
  • Google Analytics is highly popular & free, use it to track your website.
  • Utilize all the tools Google Analytics offers and study their tutorials.
  • Monitor your Analytics Tools every week, measure and spot trends.

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