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Writing Content

Writing Content There is an old adage that says "Content is King!" which has never been more true, especially in relation to your website. The more quality, keyword rich content you can author, the better. Write at least between 400 and 700 words per page for all the products and/or services your company provides, sprinkled with the most relative keywords. Make it an ongoing project and add 1 or 2 new pages every 2 weeks or even more frequently if you can.

You can write about specific products or services descriptions, plus Articles, FAQ's, Press Releases, and also link your content from your website to your Blog and Social Media pages, such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and others. Make a concerted effort to write and add new content to your Blog and Social Media pages at least twice a month, and the more often, the better. Search engines will love your website for it and will rank it higher.

DO NOT COPY CONTENT VERBATUM FROM OTHER WEBSITES! Search engines have the ability to know when you duplicate or copy someone else's website content. Your website will either be ignored or penalized out of the search engines. Also, if you are a local company, add your local Cities and Counties into the text, so search engines can rank you in those local areas. Finally, do NOT display empty web pages that say "coming soon" always add relevant content.

Content Writing Summary:

  • Write at least between 400 and 700 words per web page.
  • Write about specific Products or Services, Articles, FAQ's, etc....
  • Use the most relative Keywords and Cities throughout the page.
  • Add new content to your Website, Blog & Social Media every 2 weeks.
  • Do NOT copy content from other sites and don't display empty pages.

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