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Crucial SEO Tips

Crucial SEO Tips The following Search Engine Optimization Tips are some of the most fundamental Do's and Don'ts recommendations that can easily be overlooked. Make no mistake these are highly important SEO Tips that can make the difference between your website gaining a top page rank versus being eliminated to the ranks of amateur status or even banished to the "sandbox" with no hope of showing up at all.

SEO Solicitors

  • Do NOT fall for so-called SEO Experts who email you or call you and use fear tactics and outright lies to get you to spend $$$ with them. Most of them are telemarketers using lists to call on. Always check with your web developer about any SEO concerns first.

  • Do NOT let your Cousin or Uncle, who claim to do Search Engine Optimization on the side, work on your website unless they are a truly experienced SEO professional.

SEO Content Tips

  • Do NOT display empty web pages that say "coming soon" always add relevant text and content to all web pages, otherwise it will negatively affect your overall search engine rankings.

  • Do NOT copy text/content from other sites and place it on your website. Search engines will ignore your website or even penalize you for it. They can easily recognize duplicated sentences, paragraphs and phrases.

  • Do NOT use the same color text on your page as the page's background color. This has often been used to keyword stuff a web page. Search engines can detect this and view it as spam.

  • Do continually create content that your users will find beneficial and useful.

  • Do ensure there's one page that is a champion for each of your most important keywords.

Domain Names Tips

  • Register your primary domain name for at least 5 years in advance, 10 years even better. It tells search engines that your company is strong, viable and in it for the long haul.

  • Do NOT forward more than 2-3 other secondary domain names to your primary domain name. Search engines frown upon this act and they will see it as spamming.

  • Do NOT waste time loading the exact same website on multiple domain names. Search engines frown upon this act and they will see it as duplication and will discredit the other sites.

SEO Keywords Tips

  • Do NOT "stuff" keywords into the meta-tag title of your web pages. It will only lead to search engines either ignoring or penalizing your website.

  • Do add 2-3 relevant keywords into the meta-tag title of your web pages. Search engines ideally will only see up to 70 characters in your pages meta-tag title.

  • Do NOT add irrelevant keywords into the meta-tag title of your web pages. It will lead to search engines ignoring your website.

SEO Linking Tips

  • Do NOT set up doorway pages or multiple homepages. Search engines frown upon this act and they will see it as spamming.

  • Do NOT sign up for "Link Farms" that promise to get you hundreds of inbound links to your website. Search engines have woken up to this and consider it illegitimate.

  • Do NOT reciprocate a link from your website to someone else's website unless they are in a similar industry as you, and vice-versa.

  • Do NOT waste your time submitting your URL to search engines. The crawler-based search engines will find your site more quickly as soon as you get a link from another web site already being crawled. Search engine submission died a few years ago.

  • Do NOT plaster your website link(s) all over blog comments, guest books, etc. That's called spamming, not SEO.

  • Do remember that everyone associated with your business is a potential link partner, including your customers, your affiliates and your advertising partners.

Miscellaneous SEO Tips

  • Do NOT use illegitimate spamming techniques or illegitimate email broadcasting to promote your website. Only use "opt-in" email lists where people have registered to receive your email.

  • Do seek and add Testimonials to your website from your most satisfied customers, it really portrays a sense of credibility and good will for potential customers.

  • Do NOT deploy SEO improvements en masse. When possible, roll out changes incrementally otherwise search engines see it as spamming.

  • Do NOT panic if your website loses rankings. Just work harder to add more relative content to that page.

  • Do be patient. Good rankings take time and are worth the wait. Quickly-won rankings almost never stick.

SEO Guide

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