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Video Marketing

Video Marketing These days, video is a must-have for any businesses that wants to educate and empower their customers with product/service knowledge, while also pitching them in an easy, quick and affordable manner. Not to mention the benefits of assisting your website to gain higher search engine rankings, while enhancing customer conversions, creating brand identification via online video tutorials and taking advantage of training opportunities using videos.

In today's digital video revolution, it doesn't require much expertise or time to shoot your own videos. Customers are not as concerned with the video production quality as much as they are with the actual product or service you are pitching them. That said, if you have the budget for it, by all means hire a professional video production company and create slick videos.

Either way, be sure to keep the videos short and to the point, and preferably under 5 minutes. Then post all your videos on YouTube, then you can embed the YouTube video code into a web page on your website. Hosting your videos on YouTube is free, and more importantly, it puts your videos in front of millions of potential viewers, which is a viral marketers dream.

Video Marketing Resources

Below are links to sign up on YouTube and a "How To" upload a YouTube video overview.

Go to YouTube »

How to Upload a Video to YouTube »

Video Marketing Summary:

  • Videos are highly effective in educating clients or new customers.
  • YouTube videos links will improve your website search engine rankings.
  • Creating videos can be easy, affordable and quality is not mandatory.
  • If you have the budget, by all means hire a video professional.
  • Embed YouTube videos onto your web pages.

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