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Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites As the demand for mobile communications and mobile connectivity continues to surge at a staggering rate, more people than ever are adapting to using their mobile phone and smart devices such as Apple's IPhone, Google's Droid smart phone and Blackberry's smart phone to conduct business. And there's no sign of a slow-down either, the research shows that there are many more mobile devices in the world than desktop PC's.

Therefore, having a mobile compatible version of your website is crucial. Why? Because your website is not designed for viewing on mobile devices, rather for desktop PC's which have a different pixel and aspect ratio compared to a mobile device. Chances are pretty high that your website is viewable on mobile devices, but not comfortably. That's why we highly recommend having us develop a mobile version of your website that is compatible.

So when visitors pull up your website on their mobile device, it will display the "mobile" version which is designed and formatted to function and display the most pertinent information from your existing website in a very easy-to-view, simple-to-navigate manner, without having to constantly scroll and enlarge the web pages. It should only be a condensed version of your main website designed to quickly engage customers and pull them in.

Mobile Website Example:

Here is a good example of the difference between a desktop website and a mobile website. View both of these on your desktop website to see the difference.

  1. Desktop website: www.mylandscapewebsite.com

  2. Mobile website: www.mylandscapewebsite.com

Mobile Websites Summary:

  • Mobile Devices and Mobile Communications are thriving.
  • There are more Mobile Devices than Desktop PC's worldwide.
  • Your website is not designed for optimum viewing on Mobile Devices.
  • Having a Mobile website sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Mobile website costs are nominal but produce highly effective results.

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