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Reseller Program

Resellers Starting your own business can be risky, cost prohibitive and time consuming, with no guarantees you’ll succeed. But what if the risk was non-existent and the cost was minimal, while the profits were high? Clear Imaging has built a phenomenal reputation for deploying extraordinary websites, with numerous satisfied customers. We thrive on referral business that opens the door to mutually beneficial relationships.

Clear Imaging is proud to announce a new "Reseller Program” for individuals, small business and other web companies. The program is designed to create a win-win relationship between Clear Imaging and affiliate Resellers with an exciting opportunity to share revenues. As a Clear Imaging Reseller, you simply find the customers and we take it from there. You receive a handsome ongoing monthly commission.

The Market

Every year, millions of new top-level domain names are registered. That means millions of new web sites need to be developed and hosted. And every year the numbers grow exponentially. This doesn't take into account the number of existing websites that need to be redesigned. You could be profiting from this market.

The Opportunity

If you already conduct business, you are connected to this massive growing market. The needs are so vast that anyone who can offer a superior service, quality support, and deliver on promises can be highly competitive. We provide the service for you, we absorb the initial costs, and we deliver the solutions; you share the profit.

The Return

Some companies charge $5,000 and up to $25,000 for a custom website. Our pricing is geared to a monthly fee based website plans, of which we share revenue with you. You determine your own income level based on how many websites you sell. Imagine an extra $2,000 per month. Is that extra revenue you could benefit from?

Reseller Website

We develop a custom Reseller website with your company logo and information that will serve as your unique web presence. Your website allows you to market yourself and drive potential customers to your site, where they can learn all about the superior web design services we offer. All you pay is a nominal monthly fee.

Reseller Support Portal

We also develop a Reseller Admin Portal where you can keep track of all your resold accounts and view your commissions. You get access to our highly talented staff, along with marketing materials and our dedicated technical support team, so you'll never be left in the lurch. We support you all the way, making it easy for you to succeed.

Customer Support Portal

After we have launched your customer's website, they will no doubt have ongoing website updates and marketing support, which will be an ongoing process. Not to worry... we give your customers access to our Customer Support Portal, where they can submit website updates and request technical support.


Becoming a Clear Imaging Reseller is a tremendous opportunity to start a new business and generate a steady monthly income stream. Best of all, you're backed by a leading, established, professional web design and marketing company that has built a solid reputation for two decades. So, what are you waiting for?

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