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Call to Action Ads/Coupons

Call to Action Ads/Coupons Now that you are getting traffic to your website, you want to do your utmost to engage your potential customers and entice them to pick up the phone and call you, or to complete one of your website contact forms. Having an eye-catching, appealing website, great content and helpful visual aids, such as photo galleries and videos may not always be enough to win them over, especially in tougher economic times when competition is plentiful and you are battling to win every new customer.

So we highly recommend displaying "Call to Action" Banner Ads, Starburst Ads or Discount Coupons that stand out and are prominently featured on all your web pages. These "Call to Action" Ads should be short and sweet, with a clickable hyperlink that leads customers to a new page that goes into more detail about the special offers that you are offering, for a limited time, week or month. This gives your potential customers even more of a reason to contact with you, since we all love a great deal.

On the top of your website homepage and all inside pages, you need to have a catchy "Call to Action" Banner Ad or Starburst that stands out, that says something like "Click here to see our Monthly Specials »". This Banner Ad or Starburst should link to a new page that has at least 3-5 special offers or coupons listed. Perhaps you could have one special offer for each product or services that you offer. Below is an example of what a Landscaping company could potentially have on their Specials page.

Call to Action Examples

  • Take 10% OFF ANY Landscaping Project
    This Month ONLY!!! Call us Today!

  • Get FREE Deck Furniture Setting With
    ANY Project over $2,000! Call us Today!

  • FREE Paver Cleaning & Sealing With ANY
    Project over 500 Sq-Ft! Call us Today!

Call to Action Summary

  • Getting traffic to your site is key but converting to sales is crucial.
  • In tougher economic times, you have to get creative & pro-active.
  • Having a "Call to Action" entices and invites customers to call you.
  • Add a catchy Banner Ad or Starburst to the top of all web pages.
  • Come up with 3-5 appealing Special Offers or Coupons.

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