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Our teams of Advanced SEO wizards are experts in all aspects of SEO. We focus on providing white-hat, organic optimization techniques that ensure your website will be ranked at the top of all major search engines. No gimmicks or tricks, just proven strategies and good, old hard work that enables your website to dominate.

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Advanced Search Optimization Plans

Explore our Advanced Search Optimization Plans and options below to see how your website can dominate organic Google search engine rankings.



  Get Started Get Started Get Started
Monthly Fee $595 p/month $995 p/month $1,495 p/month
Keywords Targeted Up to 10 Keywords Up to 15 Keywords Up to 20 Keywords
Blog/Article Pages Up to 6 Pages Up to 9 Pages Up to 12 Pages
Local City Pages Up to 6 Pages Up to 9 Pages Up to 12 Pages
Live Phone Support Monthly Bi-Monthly Weekly
SEO Site Audit Every 120 Days Every 90 Days Every 60 Days
Competitor Research  
Photo Tags Optimization  
Heading Tags Optimization
Meta Tags Optimization
Internal Anchor Linking
Google Search Console Monitoring 1 Hour p/m 2 Hours p/m 3 Hours p/m
Google Analytics Visitor Tracking 1 Hour p/month 2 Hours p/month 3 Hours p/month
Google Site Speed Tracking Monthly Bi-Monthly Weekly
Monthly Ranking Report
Dedicated SEO Expert
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What are the benefits of doing SEO?

  • More Website visitors The higher you move up in Google the more visitors your website gets. The more visitors you get, the more leads & sales.
  • Make your visitors trust you Build trust with your visitors. Did you know that people trust websites that appear in Google search, more than websites that appear in ads? When we optimize your website we do so by adding valuable content, which makes your visitors trust you.
  • Your content lasts forever Ads last as long as you pay. When you create content with SEO, the content is online forever.

Our Secret Strategy to Promote Your Business with SEO

SEO is a race, it is you and all of your competitor's trying to get to the top of Google and stay at the top. But Google doesn't put you at the top if you're doing the bare minimum. Google puts you at the top if it sees you're going all in and dominating. You need a campaign to create quality content, continuously.

Our strategy is simple and highly focused. We create valuable content on your website that Google loves, and we help you dominate your competitors by creating MORE content than them.

SEO is a long game, as soon as you slow down you're giving your competition a chance to pass you. Stick with us and we won't let that happen.

How do we do it?

  • Website Audit We will give your website an in-depth audit, uncovering everything that is keeping you from dominating and recommending fixes.
  • Content Creation We will have our professional copy writing team write amazing content for your website, and optimize the hell out of it.
  • Monitor & Continue SEO strategies must be transparent. We're all about transparency so we'll send you a marketing report direct to your inbox each month.


  • HomeTurf Lawns I have been with clear imaging for over 8 years and they are extremely responsive to my request and open tickets. Very easy to work with and do a great job at creating a site that looks and feels like a high quality, high dollar site design. As an owner you want to ensure that you partner with companies that are not fly by night. Clear imaging has been working in this game for a long time. They also continue to evolve with google and the SEO online battles. I highly recommend!
    John Pla
  • Centex Gutters Have taken my web presence from the dark ages to the Top of the Heap. Super happy with my site and SEO results!!!
    Nicole Leman
    (Marketing Manager)
  • Simmons Plumbing & HVAC Clear Imaging, Inc. has been our web design team for over a decade. Throughout that time they have provided consistent attention to detail and excellent customer service. The web design and SEO teams are always in communication with us regarding any necessary updates and or changes to our website. They provide quarterly reports on our website performance and keep us informed of any changes that may be crucial to the safety and performance of our website. Clear Imaging, Inc. has been and will continue to be a valuable asset to our marketing team.
    Tracy Chase
    (Marketing Director)

Search Optimization FAQs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a highly effective digital marketing strategy for businesses of any size. Organic SEO can also be a challenging marketing endeavor due to the complexity of Google and how it ranks websites.

Our SEO FAQs below provide educated answers to commonly asked questions about SEO, so you can learn how it can be the right marketing strategy for your business.

Q: What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization consists of a series of procedures that are utilized to optimize a website in order to improve it’s ranking in search engines, such as Google.

Some of these procedures include technical SEO coding, content creation, getting other sites to link to yours and optimizations for websites on mobile devices, to name a few.

There are many other techniques required to perform and maintain a successful SEO campaign, which is why people hire a digital marketing company like Clear Imaging.

Q: How Does SEO Work?

After completing intensive technical SEO updates to your website, we begin creating authoritative content for your website on an ongoing basis in the form of relevant product or services pages, localized City pages and informative Blog articles.

“Content is King” and creating quality and unique content is a large part of our strategy. All you need to do is provide us with your top 10 keywords (products or services) and your top 10 Cities or areas you service the most, so we can target them in Google.

We also highly encourage you to solicit positive Google reviews from your customers, since it helps boost your Google rankings. We can also help you with this.

Q: Does My Website Really Need SEO?

Absolutely! Most websites need SEO in order to better compete and succeed at generating website traffic and leads from highly qualified customers who are actively searching online for your products or services.

Since most customer purchasing journeys start with a search engine, it is imperative to have a professional website that ranks at the top of Google for when your potential customers are searching for products and services you offer. You want customers to see YOUR website at the top, not your competitors. If you don’t do SEO, your competitors are getting all the attention, and you only get the scraps.

Q: Why Isn’t My Website Currently Ranking Well On Google?

There can be a variety of reasons but the most common one being that your website lacks authoritative, informative content relating to your products or services. We offer a Free SEO Analysis service that can help a lot.

Other factors can include a lack of technical optimizations, slow loading web pages, or a poor mobile website experience, among other key potential issues. Only a professional SEO provider like us would know how to resolve these issues.

Q: How Long Will It Take For My Website To Rank Well?

There are many variables that come into play here, however most websites will start ranking well on Google within 2 to 3 months and will continue to improve each month.

Brand new websites that have no prior history can take even longer, especially in a highly competitive field or location, so choosing a higher SEO plan is recommended.

Consequently, websites that have been online for several years that have a solid reputation, good reviews and less of competition are more likely to rank faster.

Q: What Can I Expect From An Advanced SEO Campaign?

The first 2 weeks are spent conducting a thorough SEO audit of your website so we can then plan and execute a comprehensive strategy for it to compete and dominate.

We spend the next 30 days implementing a series of technical SEO enhancements that allow it to perform at an optimal level, including ease of use, functionality, fast loading and mobile-friendly, to name a few.

The next phase is generating unique content on an ongoing basis. After 3 months, your website will start competing for relative search terms in your service areas and you’ll start getting more website visitors, resulting in more customers reaching out to you.

Q: What If My Website Is Not Built or Hosted By You?

Every website is unique in its own way. Before committing to taking you on as an SEO client, we conduct a full review of your existing website to make sure it is compliant with our team of developers and our standards of quality.

We will also conduct an interview with the contact person at your company who will oversee the SEO campaign in order to identify your business goals and objectives with a view to forging a mutually beneficial relationship.

Q: How Do I Measure SEO Results?

We provide you with a monthly Google Ranking Report that shows your website rankings in Google for all the keywords and respective locations that we are targeting so you can see the ongoing progress in rankings compared to each prior month.

We also track your website visitors behavior and statistics via Google Analytics and Google Search Console so we can measure these valuable metrics and adjust our SEO strategy to improve the results.

We can also track how many website contact form submissions and phone calls are coming in from your website so you can more accurately measure the results.

Q: How Long Do I Pay The Monthly Fee?

There is a 6-month minimum commitment for all of our Advanced SEO campaigns, since it can take a few months to get your website to start ranking well in Google.

The vast majority of our clients continue with their Advanced SEO campaign after the 6-month minimum commitment, as they enjoy a most favorable return on investment.

Q: Which Advanced SEO Plan Should I Go With?

It’s always best to start with the Advanced SEO Plan that meets all of your goals and expectations, while also aligning comfortably with your monthly budget.

Obviously, the more you spend, the more time and resources we can dedicate to your campaign, which will translate into more leads and sales.

Q: Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade To Another Plan?

You may certainly upgrade to a higher Advanced SEO Plan at any time. Especially as you start seeing positive results that will only continue to grow with a higher plan.

You cannot downgrade to a lower Advanced SEO Plan within the first 6 months, since we plan and allocate resources ahead of time. After the first 6 months, we will review your situation and will generally find an amicable resolution.

Q: What If I’m Not Getting Any Results?

With decades of SEO experience, we know how to deliver results. However, it is important to align expectations with realistic goals and objectives. While we have a 6 month minimum commitment, we typically recommend a 12 month campaign.

We always mention to clients that it is normal not to see any results until 3-4 months into the campaign. Beyond that, there can be unforeseen factors that require extra time and attention so we will always go above and beyond to accomplish our goals.

Q: Can I cancel If I’m Not Satisfied?

Yes, you may cancel your Advanced SEO Plan after the 6-month minimum commitment if you are not satisfied with the results and unwilling to work with us further.

In rare cases, the competition is just too fierce in your local areas and your competitors are outspending you in order to rank at the top of the Google search results.

In this case we may recommend a different approach to your online strategy, perhaps even switching to one of our other suitable online marketing campaigns. Learn More »

Q: How Do I Get Started?

Simply review our Advanced SEO Plans listed above and then click on the appropriate “Sign Up Now” button to complete and submit the registration form.

You will receive an order confirmation in your email inbox. A dedicated SEO Manager will call you shortly after you register to get you started.

Q: What If I Need To Speak To Someone First?

That’s fine! Feel free to call and speak with a Customer Service representative who will be happy to answer any questions at 1-800-380-6942 (ext 1).

You will also have complete access to your very own dedicated SEO Manager by direct phone and email. Thank you for choosing Clear Imaging!

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