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Our Advanced Marketing Bundle Plans allow you to merge any of our existing Marketing Services, such as Search Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, and Google Business Profile SEO into one comprehensive, collective marketing campaign, designed to provide you the ultimate exposure online.

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Advanced Marketing Bundle Plans

Explore our Marketing Bundle Plans and options below to see how we can craft a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to dominate your competitors.

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Retail Pricing: $2,180 p/month $3,580 p/month $5,480 p/month
Bundle Discount: $2,080 p/month $3,230 p/month $4,940 p/month
Retail Pricing: $1,585 p/month $2,585 p/month $3,985 p/month
Bundle Discount: $1,530 p/month $2,480 p/month $3,800 p/month
Retail Pricing: $1,785 p/month $2,985 p/month $4,485 p/month
Bundle Discount: $1,730 p/month $2,890 p/month $4,300 p/month
Retail Pricing: $1,585 p/month $2,585 p/month $3,985 p/month
Bundle Discount: $1,530 p/month $2,480 p/month $3,800 p/month
Retail Pricing: $1,585 p/month $2,585 p/month $3,985 p/month
Bundle Discount: $1,530 p/month $2,480 p/month $3,800 p/month
  Advanced Search Optimization Remove Service
Full Account Management 8 hours p/month 12 hours p/month 16 hours p/month
Keywords Targeted 10 Keywords 15 Keywords 20 Keywords
Cities Targeted 10 Cities 15 Cities 20 Cities
Content Creation (Blogs & City pages) 2 pages p/month 3 pages p/month 4 pages p/month
Monthly Google Ranking Report
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  Google Business Profile SEO Remove Service
Full Account Management 4 hours p/month 6 hours p/month 8 hours p/month
Text/Photo Posting 4 p/month 6 p/month 8 p/month
Directory Listings Management 4 Listings 6 Listings 8 Listings
Reviews Generator (Email & SMS)   Email Only Email & SMS
Monthly Geogrid Ranking Report
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  Social Media Marketing Remove Service
Full Account Management 8 hours p/month 12 hours p/month 16 hours p/month
Facebook/Twitter Posting 2 x Week 3 x Week 4 x Week
Instagram Posting   1 x Week 2 x Week
Website Blog Posting   1 x month 2 x month
Monthly Progress Report
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  Google Ads Advertising Remove Service
Full Account Management 4 hours p/month 6 hours p/month 8 hours p/month
Adwords Ads Management 2 Ads 3 Ads 5 Ads
Keywords Management 15 Keywords 30 Keywords 50 Keywords
Competitor Research  
Monthly Progress Report
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Marketing Bundle Plans FAQs

Our Digital Marketing Bundle Plans were created for our most energetic clients that want to implement an aggressive yet comprehensive digital marketing strategy to create a major presence online, while maximizing their returns and dominating their competitors.

Our Bundle Plans FAQs provide answers to questions that are commonly asked, so you can learn how a multi-layered digital marketing strategy can rapidly grow your business.

Q: What Are Bundle Plans?

Bundle Plans is when you to combine several of our individual digital marketing services into one extensive campaign, which may include Advanced SEO, Local Service Ads, Google Business Profile SEO, Social Media and Google Ads.

Q: How Do Bundle Plans Work?

First, we conduct a thorough interview with you in order to learn exactly what your needs are when it comes to generating leads, sales and growing your business.

Next, one of our experienced digital marketing professionals will work with you on creating the most appropriate digital marketing Bundle Plan that is customized to meet your specific goals as a means to achieve and exceed your objectives.

After you sign up for a tailored Bundle Plan, we get to work on planning and executing every aspect for each of our digital marketing services that make up your Bundle Plan.

Q: Do I Have To Get All Your Services In The Bundle Plan?

Generally not. In some cases, we may only recommend 2 or 3 combined digital marketing services in order to achieve your desired results, especially when your budget is limited or you have short to medium term goals.

In other cases we may recommend combining 4 digital marketing services if we feel your business needs it and your budget is more flexible or your goals requires a blend of short, medium and long term objectives.

Q: Does Each Bundled Service Run At The Same Time?

In most cases, yes. In order to maximize your business exposure online and, in turn, yield the best return on investment, we prefer to run each service in tandem. In some cases though, we may delay executing a particular digital marketing service.

For example; let’s say you have a short term goal to generate immediate leads and sales in the first 30-60 days so you can then allocate funds for a longer term strategy.

Therefore, we may recommend Local Service Ads, Google Ads and Google Business Profile SEO first, and then Advanced SEO or Social Media, a few months later.

Q: Will I Save Money Choosing A Bundle Plan Strategy?

Absolutely. The beauty of choosing a Bundle Plan strategy is that your business gets the most exposure on the internet, though you have to select a minimum of 3 digital marketing services to qualify for a Bundle Plan.

You get a discount on each of the 3 services usual retail monthly costs, just like when you bundle home and auto insurance, the long term savings are very favorable. Plus, you can save even more money when you bundle all of our digital marketing services.

Q: How Much Can I Expect To Save With A Bundle Plan?

Typically you will see a saving between 10% and 20% on each of the individual digital marketing services that are part of your Bundle Plan.

Q: What If I Only Want To Bundle 2 Services?

That’s fine. Our mission is to meet and exceed your goals and objectives and if we can accomplish this with only 2 digital marketing services, we’ll be thrilled!

The only difference is that there are no discounts when you combine only 2 services together. You have to combine at least 3 services together to qualify for a Bundle Plan, which instantly rewards you with discounts on all 3 individual services.

Q: Will I get A Dedicated Manager For Each Bundled Service?

Yes, you will be assigned with an experienced digital marketing manager for each individual digital marketing service that is part of your Bundle Plan.

However, in some cases, we may feel the need to simplify the process by assigning you with a digital marketing expert, who can assist you with more than one service at a time.

Q: Will I Receive A Report For Each Bundled Service?

Definitely. Each digital marketing service that is part of your overall Bundle Plan comes with its own, unique, monthly activity report so you can track and measure the results of each service individually.

Q: What Can I Really Expect From A Bundle Plan?

We take the first couple of weeks to gather information about your company, while setting up each service campaign. This includes hatching a plan to target your potential customers based on the products or services you provide.

Next, we map out and define the local, regional or state geographic parameters you want us to target before we move on to setting the required daily, weekly and/or monthly budgets for each service campaign.

Some service campaigns will go live before others but all go live generally, after the first 2 weeks. Shortly after, you will find a noticeable increase in website traffic that will translate into an uptick in leads via phone calls and website form submissions.

Q: How Do I Know Which Marketing Services To Choose For My Bundle?

One of our expert marketing representatives will help you select the most suitable Bundle Plan after an interview session, where they will determine which services you need most.

But we will explain the differences between each marketing service and what each one can achieve for your business, here below;

a) Social Media
When your prospective customers are Googling you and researching you, if you have professional and up-to-date social media profiles, they will click on to them and check them out. This gives you another opportunity to win over customers and impress them. Think of it as having an add-on to your website. The more great impressions you can make, the better.

Additionally, by using Facebook ads, you're able to get your business name and services in front of hundreds of thousands of people in your service area. When doing this, we first recommend 6-12 months of ads that educate and entertain, which makes people know you, like you, and eventually trust you. After this, we recommend running ads that directly ask for a sale.

Is Social Media right for me?
If you want leads & sales right now, social media is not a good fit for you. If you have the patience to spend 6-12 months building rapport with customers in your area, so they know you, like you, and trust you, then Social Media would be perfect for you. Think of it as a longer term but steady ROI.

b) Advanced SEO
At Clear Imaging, your website is built with SEO best-practices already included! But this is basic SEO. There is an entire field of work called Advanced SEO, which involves technical modifications to your website, additional pages/content, keywords and other optimizations to make Google 'like' your website more, giving it more authority and a higher likelihood of ranking higher in Google's organic search results.

Is Advanced SEO right for me?
If you want leads & sales right now, Advanced SEO is not for you. But if you have the patience to spend 4-6 months while we enhance your website so Google gives it authority, importance and places you above competitors, resulting in a boost of website visits, then Advanced SEO is right for you. Think of it as a medium term but reliable ROI.

c) Google Business Profile SEO
If you have a store front, or visit customers in a specific service area, then when people search on Google Maps, you want your business's Google Profile to show up at the top in Google Maps. We optimize your Google Business Profile, help you get Google reviews and maintain your profile so it ranks well when people search for local results.

Is Google Business Profile right for me?
If you need leads & sales right now, it is not a good match for you. But if you have the patience to wait 2-3 months while we optimize your Google Business Profile so that it can rank higher than your competitors in Google Maps, then this campaign is a MUST. Think of it as a short to medium term credible ROI.

4. Google Local Service Ads
These are ads specifically created for companies that visit customers to service them. Local Service Ads appear at the VERY top of the Google search results pages, putting you right in front of customer's eyeballs. This should be a vital part of any service business's marketing strategy. You pay Google for each lead they send you and all LSAs have a Google Guarantee badge that displays next to them, which builds trust with the customer, and gives them peace of mind.

Are Google LSA ads right for me?
If you need leads & sales right now, AND you are a service business, then LSA is PERFECT for you, and you should get started immediately. Just make sure your business has insurance, a business license and background checks on your crews. This offers a relatively immediate ROI but can be very competitive and expensive.

5. Google Ads
If you want to get leads and sales within a month or so, Google Ads is the way to go. Whether you sell products or services, Google Ads provides one of the best returns on investment. It too, can be very competitive and expensive but is certainly one marketing strategy that should not be neglected.

Are Google Ads right for me?
If you are a service business, or sell products, we highly recommend Google Ads, since you can quickly start buying ads to get top placement in Google search results and start generating leads and sales in a timely manner. This offers a relatively short term ROI.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the various digital marketing services we offer here at Clear Imaging. One of our knowledgeable marketing experts will guide and help you to select the most appropriate Bundle Plan after an informative discussion, that will enable them to determine which services are the most suitable for your Bundle Plan.

Q: What If I’m Not Getting Any Results?

Our reputation is based on your success. Aligning mutual expectations with realistic goals and objectives is key. Being patient is also important, since it can take months to properly refine your campaign, which is why each service has a minimum commitment.

If you’re not seeing positive results after 3 months into the campaign, there may be underlying issues that need more attention and we will always endeavor to achieve our goals. Otherwise, we may recommend swapping out a digital marketing service.

Q: What If I’m Overwhelmed With The Results?

We need to celebrate, big! Seriously though, we have experienced these situations in the past. We simply identify where the main source of activity is being generated and will either pull back on our budget, or pause that particular campaign, all together.

For example; we may pause a campaign, such as Google Ads, Local Service Ads, or Facebook Ads, for weeks or months, since these ad campaigns are “paid ads” and we can instantly turn them off without any harm.

However, we would not want to shut off an Advanced SEO or Google Business Profile campaign, since they require steady, ongoing optimization in order to maintain Google rankings, otherwise they can start losing rankings fairly rapidly due to stiff competition.

Q: Can I cancel If I’m Not Satisfied?

Yes, you may cancel your Bundle Plan campaign after the 3-month minimum commitment if you feel the results are not meeting your expectations and you don’t see a benefit to working with us to implement the necessary adjustments.

In some cases, larger competitors can make it cost prohibitive in the areas you serve, or your competitors have much larger budgets that you simply cannot compete with.

In these cases, we may recommend revising the digital marketing services in your Bundle Plan, possibly swapping out one service for another more suitable online marketing service.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

Simply peruse our Bundle Plans listed above and click on the respective “Sign Up Now” button to complete and submit the registration form.

You will receive an order confirmation in your email inbox. A dedicated marketing representative will call you shortly after you register to get you started.

Q: What If I Need To Speak To Someone First?

No worries! Feel free to call and speak with a Customer Service representative who will be happy to answer any questions at 1-800-380-6942 (ext 1).

You will also have complete access to your very own dedicated marketing managers by direct phone and email. Thank you for choosing Clear Imaging!

Get Bundle Plans Support

If you need professional Bundle Plans services backed with decades of experience, consider working with Clear Imaging. Explore all of our digital marketing services, or contact us today to find out how we can help your business. Or call us at 1-800-380-6942 (ext 1).
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