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Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs), is a highly effective advertising opportunity for local businesses, that allows you to buy ads in order to rank at the very top of Google search results.

Being “Google Guaranteed” means that your company has been screened and approved by Google to provide professional services to local customers, making it the most trusted lead generation source on the web.

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Google Local Service Ads Plans

Explore our Google Local Service Ads Plans and options below to see how your business can dominate the Google local search engine rankings and generate the most qualified leads.



  Get Started Get Started Get Started
Management Fees $500 p/month $750 p/month $1,000 p/month
Google Ads Budget Range $1,000 to $1,500 p/month $2,001 to $2,500 p/month $3,001 to $4,000 p/month
On-Boarding Interview
LSAs Account Set Up
Select Service Areas (Zip Codes)
Select Business Category(s)
Set Weekly Campaign Budgets
Set ‘Per Lead’ Budgets
Submit your Company Insurance
Submit your Company Business License
Submit Background Checks
Dispute Spam Leads or False Leads
Competitor Research
Monthly Activity Report
Dedicated Account Manager
  Get Started Get Started Get Started

* Call for Custom Google LSAs Budgets that are over $4,000 per month

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What are the benefits of Google Local Service Ads?

  • The Ultimate ROI Google LSAs are listed at the very top of Google, above all other search engine results and consequently, they generate more leads with the highest Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Google Guaranteed All potential customers will see your “Google Guaranteed” label, which signifies that your company has passed Google’s extensive screening process, including proof of insurance, business license, and background checks on service pro’s.
  • Cost Effective Plans Our Google Local Service Ads Plans are highly affordable considering the amount of time and resources we invest in setting up your LSA’s account and managing your campaign on an ongoing basis.

Why your Company Needs to Invest in LSAa?

Companies who provide on-site services or installation (plumbers/landscapers, etc) to local customers can definitely prosper in a relatively short time span, since LSAs offers the most visibility for generating leads and sales.

Shortly after your LSAs account is approved by Google, you will start ranking in the Google Local Services Ads section and will receive qualified leads via text messages or phone, depending on your budget and coverage areas.

Clear Imaging provides professional Google Local Service Ads Plans that are managed by experts in this specific field of online advertising, that is backed by proven results.

How do we do it?

  • Activate Your LSAs Account We start by activating your LSAs account and submitting all the required documentation in order to pass the Google screening process. This includes your business license, proof of insurance and background checks.
  • Set Demographics & Geographic's After your company’s screening process is approved by Google, we dial in your most relevant coverage areas by zip code and your business category(s), to ensure your ads are shown to the most relevant local customers.
  • Manage Your Budget Then, we set your weekly budget to ensure we keep within your means. We constantly monitor and adjust your LSAs campaign in order to generate the best ROI. We also dispute mismatched leads and request refunds, so none of your budget is wasted.

Read what our clients have to say about our Google Local Service Ads Plans

  • Miller Landscape “We’re seeing great results from the Local Service Ads that Clear Imaging has been managing for us! It generates a high proportion of our weekly leads and customers are very highly qualified.”
    B. Heater
    (Marketing Director)
  • Spectrum Landscape Services “We’ve been utilizing Clear Imaging’s marketing services for a few years now, which has allowed us to steadily grow our business and although LSA is relatively new for us, it’s already proving to be a major success. I just love how Clear Imaging goes the extra mile for us and delivers on all their commitments.”
    D. Worpell
  • California Air Conditioning “What can I say? Other than I am utterly satisfied with the personalized digital marketing services I get from the team at Clear Imaging. What I like most is how they really do listen to what my needs are and they always deliver the desired results. Not to mention just how fair and affordable they are for a small business like mine.”
    H. Irvine

Google Local Service Ads FAQs

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs), is the latest, most effective advertising service for local businesses. Google places your business at the very top of their search engine results with a “Google Guaranteed” label. However, your company must pass a fairly rigorous screening process by Google, before you can be approved to start buying ads.

Our LSAs FAQs below provide educated answers to commonly asked questions, so you can learn why it would be a great fit to your business marketing strategy.

Q: How Can My Business Qualify For LSAs?

You need to furnish your business license, proof of insurance and background checks for your employees that perform work on a customer’s property.

This qualifies your company as “Google Guaranteed”, which can place your ads in the top 3 places of the Google search results.

Clear Imaging specializes in managing LSAs for our clients. We ensure your LSAs account is properly managed so your ads are highly visible and generate the right type and volume of highly qualified leads.

Q: How Do LSAs Work?

First, we set up your Google LSAs account. After your company’s screening process is approved by Google, we dial in your most relevant services and the areas you serve, to ensure your ads are shown to the right people.

Next, we set your weekly budget, before we make the campaign active. We constantly monitor and tweak your LSAs campaign to maximize the ROI. We can also dispute any mismatched leads and request a refund, so you don’t waste any money.

Q: Does My Business Really Need LSAs?

Most certainly! If your company is in a trade business and provides customers any type of local service or installation, LSAs is the place to be. It can be the most cost-effective advertising method for soliciting leads from local customers.

Local Service Ads are placed at the very top of Google searches, the visibility is unmatched and being “Google Guaranteed” gives customers piece of mind, knowing your business is fully screened and essentially certified by Google to perform the work.

Q: What is “Google Guaranteed”?

Google Guaranteed signifies to all potential customers that your company has passed all of Google’s intensive screening processes, with proof of insurance, a business license, and background checks on your service workers.

Google Guaranteed also means that Google will actually insure any lead that turns into a project that your company services. In the event that your company causes any faults or damage to the customers project, they may reimburse the customer up to $2,000.

Q: What If My Company Is Not Insured?

Unfortunately, it is mandatory to have a business license and proof of insurance, otherwise Google will not approve your LSAs campaign.

In these instances we may recommend another approach to your digital marketing strategy, perhaps even switching to one of our other, more suitable online marketing campaigns.

Q: Who Can Sign Up For A LSAs Campaign?

As of this entry, Local Service Ads are only available for specific trades. Below is a list of home service trades that these ads are available for in the United States.

Animal rescue
Appliance repair services
Architect (California and Florida only)
Auto body shop (California and Florida only)
Auto repair shop (California and Florida only)
Bankruptcy lawyer services
Barber shop (California and Florida only)
Beauty school
Business lawyer services
Carpet cleaning services
Car wash and detailing (California and Florida only)
Cellphone and laptop repair (California and Florida only)
Child care
Contract lawyer services
Countertop services
Criminal lawyer services
Dance instructor
Disability lawyer services
Drain expert (California and Florida only)
Driving instructor
DUI lawyer services
Estate lawyer services
Family lawyer services
Fencing services
Financial planning services
First aid training
Flooring services
Foundations services
Funeral home
Garage door services
General contractor
Hair removal (California and Florida only)
Hair salon (California and Florida only)
Home inspector
Home insulation (California and Florida only)
Home security
Home theater
House cleaning services
HVAC (heating or air conditioning)
Immigration lawyer services
Insurance agency (California and Florida only)
Interior designer (California and Florida only)
IP lawyer services
Junk removal services
Labor lawyer services
Landscaping services
Language instructor
Lawn care services
Litigation lawyer services
Malpractice lawyer services
Massage school
Massage therapist
Moving services
Nail salon (California and Florida only)
Occupational therapist
Orthopedic surgeon
Personal injury lawyer services
Personal trainer
Pest control services
Pet adoption
Pet boarding
Pet grooming
Pet training
Piercing studio (California and Florida only)
Physical therapist
Plastic surgeon
Pool cleaner
Pool contractor
Primary care physician
Real estate lawyer
Real estate services
Sewage system
Siding services
Snow removal
Solar energy contractor (California and Florida only)
Storage (California and Florida only)
Tax services
Tattoo studio (California and Florida only)
Tire shop (California and Florida only)
Traffic lawyer services
Tree services
Towing (California and Florida only)
Water damage services
Weight loss service
Window cleaning services
Window repair services
Yoga studio

Google isn’t yet supporting all trade service providers in all markets, but is continues to expand services across various states. If your trade isn’t currently listed here, please check back frequently, since new trades are added on an ongoing basis.

Q: Do I Need To Have A Physical Location?

No, you do not need a physical location to qualify for a LSAs account. Service area businesses can qualify to have an LSAs account as long as they pass the screening process.

Q: What Determines My Business Rankings In LSAs?

There are several factors that pertain to your ranking, such as your weekly budget, size of your service area, how quickly you respond to leads, and your Google Business Profile quality, including your ratings and how many positive reviews you have.

Q: What Can I Expect From A LSAs Campaign?

The first week, or so, requires gathering all the information from your company for the screening process before we can apply to Google for campaign approval.

We also work with you to establish what type of customer leads you need based on the services you provide, along with defining the local areas you want to service, while setting a suitable weekly budget.

Within days of your LSAs account being approved, you will start ranking in the Google Local Services Ads and will be receiving highly qualified leads via text messages or phone, depending on your budget and coverage areas.

Q: What Is The Difference Between “LSAs” and “Google Ads”?

The main difference is with LSAs, you are paying for each lead that comes directly to your phone. As opposed to Google Ads, where you pay for each click to your website, even if it was by accident.

LSAs deliver local customers right to you so you can immediately start chatting and commit them to a visit, or a free estimate, and then close the sale! LSAs listings also appear above Google Ads, at the very top of a Google search.

That said, the ideal advertising plan would be to have both an LSAs and a Google Ads campaign running simultaneously, since it allows your business to rank at the very top of Google in both places! This is how you can utterly dominate your competitors!

Q: How Do I Measure The LSAs Results?

We provide you a monthly LSAs Report that shows how many impressions (searches) were made, customer phone call volume and the amount of text messages received for each month, along with how many leads were generated and closed.

We can measure the results and activity compared to each prior month, in order to make adjustments to our overall search keywords, local service areas and budget.

It’s very important to respond rapidly to all leads you receive, since your responsiveness will affect your LSAs rankings and how many leads Google will send you in the in future.

Q: Do I Get A Refund On A Mismatched Lead?

Yes. Let’s say you’re a Landscape Contractor, and somehow you get a lead that calls you and asks for something outside of your scope of services, like a roofing repair.

We can submit a dispute to Google within 30 days of receiving the lead and they can refund the lead cost within 30-45 days, if our disputed case is valid.

Q: What Would Be A Good Minimum Weekly Budget?

It really depends on just how competitive the business category you qualify for and the local service areas you want to target. Obviously, the more competitive it is, the higher your budget would need to be in order to garner a solid share of leads.

That said, we recommend budgeting a minimum of $1,000 per month on the low end, which is a good starting amount in order to properly measure results. We can always adjust the budget spend lower or higher, as we learn from the first month’s results.

Q: What Happens If My LSAs Budget Is Exceeded?

We have the ability to set your weekly budget amount not to be exceeded, so your ad campaign will automatically turn off before your budget limit is approached. We can also set a maximum cost-per-lead budget.

Q: Can You Pause My LSAs Ad Campaign If Needed?

Yes, we can pause your LSAs campaign, but it can be quite detrimental, since Google will demote your account. Then, when we turn it back on, it will be like starting from scratch again and you will receive minimal leads until you earn your position again.

It’s much better and safer to just lower your weekly budget, which will also lessen the amount of leads you receive but won’t be as detrimental as pausing it, as long as your account remains active and you continue to respond rapidly to leads.

Q: What If I’m Not Getting Any Results?

Our mutual success is based on delivering results. But aligning your expectations with realistic goals and objectives is important. Realistically, it takes time to properly dial in your campaign, which is why we have a 3 month minimum commitment.

If you’re not experiencing good results at 1-2 months into the campaign, there may be issues that need attention and we will always do our utmost to accomplish our goals. Otherwise, we may recommend a more suitable online advertising service.

Q: How Long Does It Take Google To Approve My Account?

It can take anywhere from 3-5 days for Google to review your business application and supporting documentation before they will approve your LSAs account. Then we start placing ads within 24 hours of your account approval.

Q: Can I cancel If I’m Not Satisfied?

Yes, you may cancel your LSAs campaign after the 3-month minimum commitment if you are not fully satisfied with the results and you’re unwilling to work with us to make the necessary improvements.

In some cases, competition is just too high in your local areas, or your competitors are bigger companies that simply have much larger budgets, than yours.

In this case, we may recommend a different strategy to your digital marketing plan, even switching to another, more suitable digital marketing campaign.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

Browse our LSAs Plans listed above and click on the respective “Sign Up Now” button to complete and submit the registration form.

You will receive an order confirmation in your email inbox. A dedicated LSAs Manager will call you shortly after you register to get you started.

Q: What If I Need To Speak To Someone First?

No worries! Feel free to call and speak with a Customer Service representative who will be happy to answer any questions at 1-800-380-6942 (ext 1).
You will also have complete access to your very own dedicated LSAs manager by direct phone and email. Thank you for choosing Clear Imaging!

Get Google Local Service Ads Support

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