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Adwords Advertising In today's fast-pace business world, a highly successful advertising strategy requires more than just traditional methods of advertising. Sure, they can still work, but it is vital to diversify with an aggressive, contemporary online advertising strategy such as Google Adwords in order to tap into a massive captive audience of qualified buyers.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Plans

Peruse our Pay-Per-Click Advertising Plans and options below to see how we can instantly generate highly targeted and qualified leads.



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Monthly Fee $595 p/month $995 p/month $1,495 p/month
Advertising Platforms Google Adwords Google Adwords Google Adwords
Keyword Research 15 Keywords 30 Keywords 50 Keywords
Keyword Selection 15 Keywords 30 Keywords 50 Keywords
Cost Per-Click Research 15 Keywords 30 Keywords 50 Keywords
Ad Writing & Testing 2 Ads 3 Ads 5 Ads
Campaign Management 4 hours p/month 6 hours p/month 8 hours p/month
Campaign Audit Every 90 Days Every 60 Days Every 30 Days
Competitor Research  
Display Ads Testing  
Live Phone Support
Monthly Progress Report
Dedicated Adwords Expert
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What are the benefits of doing Google Ads?

  • Get sales NOW, no waiting Ads get you sales immediately. Who’s got time to wait around for sales while we’ve got mouths to feed?
  • Highly targeted, not random Get more bang for your buck by putting your message in front of people who are searching for you and desire your services.
  • Massively expand your reach If tomorrow 1 million people knew about your company, how do you think that’d effect your sales?

Why do Google Ads work?

Your prospect is searching. That means they are problem aware, and solution aware, they just need to become aware of YOUR product/service.

Google Search ads work because you are putting your message in front of people who are looking for a solution. They are deep in the funnel and they have purchasing intent.

There are over 3 billion searches done on Google every day, and 46% of the searches have local intent.

Your prospects are searching on Google right now, and you don’t have time to wait 12 months for your website to move up in the search results organically. You need sales now. With Google Ads, you can jump to the top of the line and get your ad shown at the top of the search results for your customers to see.

How Does it Work?

Here is our process simplified into three steps:

  • Setup We set up your Google Ads account, and find out all about your business’s offerings.
  • Strategize Using the information from our onboarding process we will put together your tailor made ads strategy.
  • Execute & Optimize We go live with your ads and carefully monitor their performance, optimizing to get you the best results.

Read what our clients have to say about our Google Ads service

  • Effective, reliable, honest Travis came with a solid recommendation that he has lived up to and exceeded! He is a valued and respected service provider – effective, reliable, honest, and a pleasure to work with. During the last year’s uncertainty with the pandemic Travis’ Adwords skills, knowledge, and strategic thinking for designing campaigns has served our company well to deliver the results we were after.
    Lisa Kruger
    Stepstone, Inc.
  • I've been working with them 4 years The quality of service has remained the same from day one. Travis is fantastic at communicating the progress of our ads every month as well as staying on top of any changes that may be necessary. When we need to make changes, even last minute changes, Travis takes the time to work with us on what our goals are and so far his input has been spot on in helping us reach those goals.
    Tracy Chase
    Simmons plumbing & HVAC
  • Best There is Best there is, was or ever will be. They do something no other web company does... deliver!
    Jonathan Mathes

Google Local Service Ads FAQs

Google Ads is a specific type of online digital advertising strategy for businesses who want to rapidly generate traffic to their website. Companies can essentially buy Banner Ads on Google based on search terms, relative to the products or services they sell within in a defined geographical area.

Our Google Ads FAQs below provide answers to frequently asked questions so you can learn more about how it can be a winning advertising strategy for your business.

Q: What is Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click)?

Google Ads is a highly effective form of online advertising that allows businesses to pay for advertisements (Banner Ads) that are placed near the very top of Google search engine results pages.

Advertisers must bid on various search terms that they want to target, example; “landscape designer”, that are relevant to their business and within a specified location, whether by different Cities, Regions, States or Nationwide.

People searching for products or services online generally start with a relative search engine keyword search and will be given a choice of 2-3 Banner Ads under the moniker of “Sponsored Ads” that they can click on, hence the term (Pay-Per-Click).

Q: Does My Business Qualify For A Google Ads Campaign?

Pretty much any business can qualify for a Google Ads account, as long as it is a legitimate business with no prior major issues or unlawful business practices.

Clear Imaging has years of experience in setting up and managing Google Ads for our esteemed customers. We go to great lengths to ensure that your Google Ads campaign is properly managed and generating a most favorable return on your investment.

Q: How Does Google Ads Work?

First, we set up your Google Ads campaign in our Google Ads master account, before we dial in your most relative keyword search terms and the areas you want us to target, in order to ensure your Banner Ads appear to the most desirable customers.

Next, we set your daily, weekly or monthly campaign budget that will turn off Ads if exceeded, while creating various text based ads that we may rotate to see which ones perform best, before we make the campaign active.

We can also track and measure how many impressions, clicks, phone calls or website forms were generated each day, as a means to better adjust your Google Ads campaign and improve the results over time.

Q: Does My Business Really Need Google Ads?

In most cases, yes. Google Ads is one of the most cost-effective and fastest advertising methods for generating leads from highly qualified customers.

Google Ads gives your Banner Ads great visibility, towards the top of Google searches, in the “Sponsored Listings” position, right below the Local Service Ads and above the Google Business Profile listings.

People who click your Banner Ads are matched by the keywords and locations that we target in your Google Ads campaign, making them a prime candidate for your business.

Q: How Long Does It Take For Google Ads To Work?

Each business will have varying timelines for how long it may take Google Ads to produce favorable results, in the form of leads or sales. There can be several factors that lead to a successful Google Ads campaign, such as; having the proper setup, ad copy and a website or landing pages that are optimized to yield conversions.

With most search campaigns, good results can be expected in as quickly as a few days or weeks, if everything is set up properly and your budget is sufficient. Though it can take up to 3 months for a new Google Ads campaign to succeed and generate the appropriate data for optimization.

Q: Where Do You Direct These Customers?

When someone click on one of your Banner Ads, we direct them to one of several places on your website. In most cases, we link them to the web page that best matches with the relative keyword that the customer searched in Google.

In some cases, we recommend creating a specific landing page on your website that caters uniquely to visitors from your Google Ads campaign. In other cases, we may link them to directly your Request page form.

Q: How Much Should I Spend On Google Ads?

We recommend choosing a monthly budget that you can comfortably afford. The beauty of Google Ads is that you can specify your budget spend by either a daily budget or monthly budget, so you don’t exceed it and stay within your means.

We can even turn it off after regular business hours, or we can set a “Cost Per Click” for each keyword or search term in your advertising campaign. This allows us to target and better compete on certain keywords more so than others.

We also have the flexibility to pause the entire campaign, or turn on/off specific keywords, keyword groupings, or even adjust the service areas as a means to improve the overall campaign results.

Q: Do I Need To Have A Physical Location?

No, it is not necessary to have a physical location to qualify for Google Ads. Service based businesses, such as landscapers, electricians or plumbers still qualify.

Q: What Determines My Rankings On The Google Sponsored Ads?

It’s quite simple, actually. Think of Google Ads like an auction house where you and other companies, in the same business (your competitors), bid on numerous keywords individually, in order to rank the highest in Google’s “Sponsored Ads” section.

Yes, the most popular keywords can get expensive, since you “pay per click” to get potential customers to visit your website. However, hiring an expert in this field, like Clear Imaging, ensures that you will yield the best bang for your dollar!

Q: What Can I Expect From A Google Ads Campaign?

We spend the first week gathering the information about your company before we set up the campaign. This includes implementing a plan to target the type of leads you need based on your products or service keywords.

Next, we create multiple Banner Ads to test which ones perform best, as we define the local areas you want to service and set an appropriate daily and/or monthly budget.

Once your Google Ads campaign goes live, you will notice an uptick in website visits that will result in an increase of leads via phone calls and website form submissions.

Q: What’s The Difference Between SEO and Google Ads?

The difference between Google Ads and organic SEO is visits coming to your website from SEO is organic, rankings are earned, while traffic coming from Google Ads is paid. SEO rankings are also positioned lower on the Google search results.

Most businesses that rank high in organic rankings are paying in some manner, whether they hired an SEO company or pay for content creation. Google Ads give you a lot more control over keywords and locations you want to rank high for and you rank much faster.

Ideally having both a Google Ads and Advanced SEO campaign running together would be best, since it allows your business to rank at the top of Google in both places! This is a great way to outdo your competitors!

Q: How Do I Measure The Results?

We provide you with a monthly activity report that shows how many impressions (searches) were made, actual clicks that came to your website, plus customer phone calls you received and total website form submissions for each month.

We measure the activity and results compared to each month prior, so we can make enhancements to Banner Ads, keywords, local service areas and the overall budget.

Your feedback is vital, too. If you feel you are receiving phone calls and website leads for keywords or locations you don’t want, we need to know and we’ll adjust accordingly.

Q: What Happens If My Google Ads Budget Is Exceeded?

We have the capability to set your daily and monthly budgets not to exceed their maximum threshold. Your ad campaign will automatically turn off before your budget limit is exceeded . We can also set a daily budget or set a max cost-per-lead budget.

Q: Can You Pause My LSAs Ad Campaign If Needed?

Yes. We can pause your Google Ads campaign any time. Let’s say you have more work that you can handle, or you are a Snow Plowing company in the middle of winter, that doesn’t need any more customers. Pausing a campaign would make sense.

Q: What If I’m Not Getting Any Results?

We don’t succeed unless you do. So aligning your expectations with realistic goals and objectives is important. Realistically, it takes months to accurately dial in your campaign, which is why we have a 3 month minimum commitment.

If you’re not seeing favorable results at 2-3 months into the campaign, there may be issues that need closer attention and we will always do our best to achieve our goals. Otherwise, we may recommend a more suitable online advertising service.

Q: Can I cancel If I’m Not Satisfied?

Yes, you may cancel your Google Ads campaign after the 3-month minimum commitment if you feel the returns are not satisfying and you don’t see a benefit to working with us and making the necessary improvements.

In some cases, competition is just too fierce in the areas you serve, or your competitors are much larger companies that simply have bigger budgets, at their disposal.

In these cases, we may recommend a different approach to your digital marketing plan, perhaps switching to another, better suited digital marketing campaign.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

Review our Google Ads Plans listed above and click on the relative “Sign Up Now” button to complete and submit the registration form.

You will receive an order confirmation in your email inbox. A dedicated Google Ads Manager will call you shortly after you register to get you started.

Q: What If I Need To Speak To Someone First?

No worries! Feel free to call and speak with a Customer Service representative who will be happy to answer any questions at 1-800-380-6942 (ext 1).

You will also have complete access to your very own dedicated Google Ads manager by direct phone and email. Thank you for choosing Clear Imaging!

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