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Adwords Advertising In today's fast-pace business world, a highly successful advertising strategy requires more than just traditional methods of advertising. Sure, they can still work, but it is vital to diversify with an aggressive, contemporary online advertising strategy such as Google Adwords in order to tap into a massive captive audience of qualified buyers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Plans

Peruse our Pay-Per-Click Advertising Plans and options below to see how we can instantly generate highly targeted and qualified leads.



  Get Started Get Started Get Started
Monthly Fee $595 p/month $995 p/month $1,495 p/month
Advertising Platforms Google Adwords Google Adwords Google Adwords
Keyword Research 15 Keywords 30 Keywords 50 Keywords
Keyword Selection 15 Keywords 30 Keywords 50 Keywords
Cost Per-Click Research 15 Keywords 30 Keywords 50 Keywords
Ad Writing & Testing 2 Ads 3 Ads 5 Ads
Campaign Management 4 hours p/month 6 hours p/month 8 hours p/month
Campaign Audit Every 90 Days Every 60 Days Every 30 Days
Competitor Research  
Display Ads Testing  
Live Phone Support
Monthly Progress Report
Dedicated Adwords Expert
  Get Started Get Started Get Started

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What are the benefits of doing Google Ads?

  • Get sales NOW, no waiting Ads get you sales immediately. Who’s got time to wait around for sales while we’ve got mouths to feed?
  • Highly targeted, not random Get more bang for your buck by putting your message in front of people who are searching for you and desire your services.
  • Massively expand your reach If tomorrow 1 million people knew about your company, how do you think that’d effect your sales?

Why do Google Ads work?

Your prospect is searching. That means they are problem aware, and solution aware, they just need to become aware of YOUR product/service.

Google Search ads work because you are putting your message in front of people who are looking for a solution. They are deep in the funnel and they have purchasing intent.

There are over 3 billion searches done on Google every day, and 46% of the searches have local intent.

Your prospects are searching on Google right now, and you don’t have time to wait 12 months for your website to move up in the search results organically. You need sales now. With Google Ads, you can jump to the top of the line and get your ad shown at the top of the search results for your customers to see.

How Does it Work?

Here is our process simplified into three steps:

  • Setup We set up your Google Ads account, and find out all about your business’s offerings.
  • Strategize Using the information from our onboarding process we will put together your tailor made ads strategy.
  • Execute & Optimize We go live with your ads and carefully monitor their performance, optimizing to get you the best results.

Read what our clients have to say about our Google Ads service

  • Effective, reliable, honest Travis came with a solid recommendation that he has lived up to and exceeded! He is a valued and respected service provider – effective, reliable, honest, and a pleasure to work with. During the last year’s uncertainty with the pandemic Travis’ Adwords skills, knowledge, and strategic thinking for designing campaigns has served our company well to deliver the results we were after.
    Lisa Kruger
    Stepstone, Inc.
  • I've been working with them 4 years The quality of service has remained the same from day one. Travis is fantastic at communicating the progress of our ads every month as well as staying on top of any changes that may be necessary. When we need to make changes, even last minute changes, Travis takes the time to work with us on what our goals are and so far his input has been spot on in helping us reach those goals.
    Tracy Chase
    Simmons plumbing & HVAC
  • Best There is Best there is, was or ever will be. They do something no other web company does... deliver!
    Jonathan Mathes

Have you given up on ads?

  • "Ads don't work" There are a million wrong ways to do ads, and only a very few right ways. When people DIY their own ads, they are bound to fail. If you want ads that work, you must hire a veteran ads professional.
  • "Agencies steal my money" There are unscrupulous agencies out there who are just after your money and they know they can only get you mediocre results. At Clear Imaging we have case studies from our clients that show our results.
  • "It's cheaper to do it myself" When doing your own ads you will need to invest a considerable amount of time in studying and testing ads. If you have the time then that is fine, otherwise, Clear Imaging’s packages are priced to be affordable to most small businesses.

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