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Press Releases

Press Releases Writing and submitting compelling Press Releases on a regular basis is another potent method for creating a buzz about your company. It's also another significant approach you can implement for developing original content and further by archiving your press releases on your website, you build a long-lasting history and gain more credibility in the eyes of search engines. Not to mention the value of being portrayed as a professional company from a highly credible source.

Whether you have a new product or service your company is offering, or you received an award, let the world know through an online press releases. Make your press release compelling and try to stand out from the crowd, but keep it relatively brief yet factual. With the "paid" press release submissions, you get more exposure and other major benefits such as the ability to embed keyword anchor links from within the body of your press release over to your website, which search engines do value and pick up.

It's also another tremendous method for generating highly valuable Inbound Links to your website from numerous news and media outlets websites who will pick up your press releases and list them on their own website. Paying for the more advanced press release submission and distribution services can be an expensive way to generate Inbound Links, but it will pay off big over the long term, especially if you are consistently submitting press releases once a month.

Press Release Resources

Below are resources (free & paid) that can certainly assist your public relations and SEO strategy.

Press Releases Summary:

  • Write and submit compelling Press Releases once a month.
  • Archive all your Press Releases on your website.
  • Submit Press Releases about new products, awards, new hires, etc...
  • Embed up to 3 keyword anchor links in your Press Releases.
  • View our link above on how to write a Press Release that works.

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