Reseller Web Site Packages

We give you the ability to provide a variety of affordable web site packages to your customers via your very own custom Reseller web site depending on their unique needs, budget and the size of their business.

All of our Reseller web site packages are based on ongoing monthly payments over a 5-year period, at which time the customer owns the web site outright. We also give them the option to renew and extend the agreement by redesigning and rebuilding their web site every 30 months.

Our Reseller web site packages can be as low as $50 per month for the small mom and pop customers and up to $250 per month or more, for the larger companies who need a more advanced web site.

We also provide them following enhanced marketing services:

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization Packages
  • Social Media Marketing Packages
  • Mobile Web Site Packages
  • E-commerce and Shopping Cart Integration
  • Advanced Database Programming
  • Custom Application Development
  • Print and Graphic Design Services
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