Sights set on 2020 with 2020 Vision

You might be wondering how you should approach marketing in 2020.

It is simple: Just double down on the things that worked.

You don’t have to re-invent your whole strategy.

How do I know if my strategies are sound?

Your marketing strategies should all geared towards achieving one of these 3 things:

  • 1) increasing the number of customers
  • 2) increasing the number of sales per customer
  • 3) increasing customer retention

It doesn’t matter if it is PPC, Social Media or SEO, all campaigns must in some way contribute to one of the above three.

This means if you have been increasing sales by doing email marketing, even though everyone says email marketing is dead, you MUST keep doing it, and find ways to improve up on it to keep it from stagnating. If it works, keep doing it and do MORE of it. That is how you’ll grow.

As far as new tactics like promoting your business on TikTok, do NOT double down on these; but do set aside some time to test out campaigns on them.

How do I know if my strategies are working?

It is absolutely vital that you keep statistics and records of all your campaigns. If you don’t maintain stats then you’ll have no clue what is working and what isn’t. 


In 2020 double down on what has been working, and set aside some time to experiment with new tactics.