Why are my Facebook posts not making any money?

Half of the answer is: your expectations of what posting will get is unrealistic.

Often times business owners and new marketers make the mistake of expecting their posts on social media are supposed to generate revenue, and when they make some posts and they DONT generate any sales they feel they have failed, and that social media ‘does not work’.

Back in 2010, you could have made posts on Facebook and made sales directly from that with little effort. But 9 years later the game is completely different.

The truth is, if you go right now and make a post on Facebook, VERY few people will see it. Let’s say if you did some digging in your analytics and discovered on average it requires 1000 views of one post to get one sale. And let’s also say that your average post only gets 300 views. Considering these numbers, you will never make a sale. You will have to put money into ‘boosting’ your post, so it can be seen by more.

How much do you need to spend?

If it costs you $50 to boost your post so it can be seen by 1500 people, and you get one sale for $50 out of that campaign, is that sustainable for you, if you just broke even?

If your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is over $50, then it is definitely worth it; if not, then your money is best invested elsewhere.

To answer the original question, of why your posts aren’t generating revenue: you need to boost your posts considerably by putting money into it, in order to make money.

The second half of the answer: If your posts aren’t generating revenue AND they are being seen by enough people. Then it is the simple matter of your image, copy, headline, and call to action not being properly written, OR the people seeing your post are the wrong audience.