Weekly Marketing Tip: CTA

“Learn more”, “subscribe”, “sign up”; these are some of the prompts seen on all over the web. These are actually called “calls-to-action”, or CTA for short.

A CTA is the part of an advertisement, a story, and/or webpage that encourages and instructs the audience to do something, and take action. As a business owner, a CTA is something you need to have on your website.

What Types of Call-To-Action Can You Put Up On Your Business Page?

When it comes to CTAs, there are different options. These include:

  • Sign Up or Subscribe
  • Try For Free
  • Learn More
  • Call Now
  • Buy Now

You can use this CTA to urge your audience to sign up to a mailing list, or for a future event for your business. In the case that your product or service offering is one that needs a trial before potential clients can be convinced to part with their money, this CTA allows people to test that product or service for free. If your landing page only contains brief information of your products and/or services, this CTA is one that leads them to another page where they can get extensive information about these. If your sales process requires a phone call then you must prompt the reader to take action, pickup that phone and dial your number, so you can get them, answer their questions, enlighten and sell them. This as well as other calls to action like “Buy Now – limited stock available” and “Buy Now – valid while supplies lasts”, urges site visitors to make an immediate purchase, especially since it gives them a feeling of scarcity, a feeling that if they don’t make an immediate purchase, they might miss out on your business offerings.

So, Why Do You Need A Call-To-Action?

There are different reasons you should have a CTA. Some of these include:

  • Help Visitors Take The Next Step
  • More Engagement
  • Boost Conversion Rate & Sales

Without a CTA, site visitors are likely to leave your site, as they are not likely to know what next steps to take. With CTAs however, they are prompted to take the next step, which may be filling out a contact form or picking up the phone to make a call. CTAs, if present, encourage continuous interactions with the website. These CTAs could include “read more”, “learn more”, “click here to download our pricing list”, etc. While having visitors to your business website is good for and desirable by all business owners, you must harness this flow of visitors and actually make them convert into a purchase. Depending on your business’s offerings, CTAs like “buy now” will help convert visitors to clients. Also, CTAs like “subscribe to our newsletter” will help convert visitors to leads, which could eventually become clients.

To Wrap It Up

An effective CTA provides customers with reasons to promptly engage with you instead of postponing such purchase decisions. Do you want your business website to be more effective than it currently is? Then add a CTA today.

What’s Next?
Don’t stop now. This is just the beginning.

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