How can blogs help my SEO?

Since you are reading our blog, we are assuming that you know all about how a lot of large companies are investing in blogs these days. But do you actually know the reason or why it is good for your SEO?

Blogs serve many purposes. In the “old days” many companies would send out mailers or email newsletters in order to give their clients an update on what was going on in the company. Unfortunately, newsletters or emails do not allow people to interact or correspond, nor do they boost your SEO. Blogs do all these things.

Aside from these benefits, many companies also choose to have blogs because it gives companies a platform in which to voice their opinions and also defuse any bad publicity. In addition, many feel that blogs “humanize” companies thus allowing them to feel less corporate and more personal. While many companies strive to become large and see tremendous expansion, many companies are also realizing that they are losing the personal and relational touch that goes with the growth of their company. Blogs are able to help companies communicate with their consumer base, reach out and encourage interaction. Many times, the CEO of a company will do a feature blog to help put a face to the company.

In addition to the branding benefits that blogs bring, blogs tremendously help with SEO. Blogs work in essentially the same fashion as updating your website on a regular basis. Blogs are short articles that range between 350-600 words that are geared around a topic that relates to the company. Within the blog, it is important to use keywords in the same way that you would use keywords for your website. A trick is to link those key words back to your website with hyperlinks. In addition to linking keywords, blogs forums such as WordPress allow for the importation of widgets. These widgets will drastically increase your blogs functionality. On WordPress, widgets such as adding an RSS Feed, Email Sign Up, and a Facebook link are excellent ways to help get people connected to your company.

With blogging it is important to not always be pushing your services. Think about it – do you want to take the time to read someone’s advertisement? Probably not, make your blogs interesting; give them a tip or an incentive to read it. It may seem awkward at first, but once you start getting in the habit of blogging, soon it will seem like second nature.