How to Build Your Network and Audience With Social Media

September 26, 2006, Facebook was opened to everyone with a valid email address aged 13 and above. At the time, it was like a new toy filling its users with thrill and excitement. Fast forward, today, not only do we have a lot of such, but we’ve also found ways to make the best out of them.

The world is fast moving from analog to digital, and almost everything can now be done online. There are a lot of businesses in existence today, but how come we don’t see a people on the streets marketing and advertising those businesses? It’s simple; they do it online through social media channels!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more have all in recent years become reliable online marketing channels. Most businesses and trades need good networking and audience base to thrive, and this is where social media come in. This article will reveal to you five ways you can use social media to build your network and audience. Let’s get started!
Run Giveaways
  Who doesn’t love freebies? From time to time, run a giveaway for your followers on Instagram or Twitter. This will attract more followers who will want to be part of it. You can organize contests where people can only participate by following your accounts.

It is essential to maintain transparency and integrity during such contests. That’s the only way you will win the trust of your followers.
You Must Have Quality and Valuable Content
It’s good to be active on social media and post often, but what exactly are you posting? Do you post the kind of content that people quickly scroll past or the type that people look forward to? The success or failure of your networking largely depends on this. Quality content is what keeps your followers glued to your page.

You can make deep connections with them through the content you post, which can turn them from followers to fans! The content could be podcasts, video clips, photos, or blogs. The key here is for it to be catchy and enjoyable.
Make Use of Hashtags
It will serve you well to use hashtags in your captions when you share posts on your social media platforms. You’ve probably noticed this, and you’re wondering, what the essence is, well I’ll tell you.

When users search on topics of interest with the help of hashtags all posts with that particular phrase shows, including your posts! It helps you to attract new people outside of your current audience.  It is important to use hashtags that are relevant in your niche.
Consistency Is Key
You have to be ready to post content regularly. It is an excellent way to keep your followers engaged and attract new ones to your accounts. People love engaging content, but most importantly, they want to see new content regularly.

It gets to the point where they will start expecting and looking forward to them. If you stop posting they’ll likely lose interest and ultimately unfollow you.
Build Relationships With Influencers
  As their name suggests, they influence things! This set of individuals has already assumed a micro-celebrity status. Working closely with them means they’ll endorse you and make you popular as well. The first step is usually to follow them and then share their content and engage with them as much as you can.

If you’re consistent about this, it’s only a matter of time before you get their attention. With a good rapport, influencers will share your content from time to time. Also, their wide reach will attract more followers for you.

A mobile phone can serve as a map, MP3 player, a camera and many more. You could, however, decide to limit it to only making and receiving calls. It is a bit the same for social media, how you decide to utilize it depends on you.

You could settle for scrolling through and watching videos and photos, or decide to build your network and grow your business with it. It’s up to you to make the best choice!