Social Media for your Business in 2019

Considering the thousands upon thousands of articles written on ‘social media for business’, it is easy to get over-whelmed, and not know what you should be doing.

Forget everything you’ve been told about social media and what you need to be doing.

If you are in a service industry (landscapers, plumbers, electricians, etc.) there are only a few things you really need to be doing. Here are the top three of them:

The Service Industry Social Media Strategy

1) Facebook retargeted ads
Each time someone visits your website and leaves, and then goes to Facebook, they can see an ad you created just for them. This is powerful and helps remind your visitors about your services and puts them back in your sales funnel. 

2) Facebook messenger ads
These are currently the cheapest ads on Facebook and Google. When the ad is clicked the user is sent into Facebook Messenger, where you can then communicate, enlighten and close, all inside the Messenger app.

3) Getting Google My Business & Facebook reviews
As each year goes by, reviews are becoming more and more a deciding factor for your website visitors. If you have few or no reviews, web visitors will choose your competitors over you, simply for that reason.

By just focusing on these three things, like a laser, you will be able to increase revenue.

If you have any questions about social media or how to make your website generate more revenue, please feel free to contact us!