Does your website have enough pages?

While having a five-page website is the standard, the usual, the essential, who ever said that having the barest essentials would get you to the top of the search results?

In other words, anything less than five pages and your website seems incomplete or unprofessional; and having at least five pages is standard, normal. But, If you want your website to rank high in a variety of search terms you need to have at least twenty five pages or more.

And, if you want to totally dominate, squash the competition and become a ‘thought leader’ in your industry then you need to think with having a website that has 50-100 pages.

Page Quality
If you wanted to have a website that dominates and has fifty pages of content, there are some things to keep in mind: The amount of words per page should be no less than 500. The topic of the page must be relevant to your company or your company’s industry. If the topic is not relevant then Google will not give as much weight to the content, and the addition of this non-relevant content will dilute the weight of your other content. The text on the page must be natural and not robotic SEO text written for Google and filled with keywords. The content must be written with the human reader in mind. It should be written to solve a problem for the reader, and not just have the purpose of ‘filling the page with text’ Topic Ideas
Here is a quick break down on how to get 30 pages for your website right off the bat:
About Us (5)
1) General description
2) Mission statement
3) Complete history of company
4) Staff/Team members
5) Community involvement
Services (10)
Articles (10)
Testimonials (5)
Additional Pages
Once you have the core 30 pages as listed above any further pages would most likely be articles.

Ideas for article pages: Pages showing a before/after success story that your product/service was able to create for your customer Pages reviewing individual products that are related to your industry and which your customers might purchase. An example of this is if you were a landscaper you could write products about different types of fertilizers or lawn care equipment a customer might want to buy. Since they trust you, they would be keen to hear what you have to say. Pages that are Do It Yourself (DIY) articles, showing your customers how to do certain projects/ tasks by themselves Pages that address common difficulties or questions that your customers may have  
As you can see there is quite a bit of potential for a variety of pages, once you get the creative juices flowing. The take-away from this is you have to adjust your concept of the magnitude of content required, and that you need to ‘think big’ when it comes to content.

If it all seems too much and you would rather have Clear Imaging create content for you, you can call your dedicated Account Manager for more details at 1-800-380-6942