Scam Emails [PSA]

We are hearing more and more of business owners receiving threatening scam emails. As a public service announcement, we wanted to make a post about and address any concerns.

These emails claim that they have video of you accessing pornographic websites. In order to fool you some of these emails even have your first name or other personal information. They are completely false and a scam to get you to pay them money to make them go away.

You should disregard these emails, block the sender and not open nor respond to them in any circumstance. If you click on the links they send, it may take you to a malicious website where they can infect your computer. So, the best way to deal with this is to block and ignore.

To learn more, USA Today has an in-depth article here:

At the same time, beware of emails from so-called Google partners who claim that your website has numerous errors and try to entice you to hire them to perform SEO. These are blind email blasts that are sent to thousands of people from a marketing list. Always speak to your webmaster or web team first, if you have any questions about SEO or website errors.