4 Rules for your Sales Email

1) Keep it relevant. If you provided landscaping services to the customers don’t sell them toaster ovens, sell them related landscaping or hardscaping services.

2) Your sales text needs to show the reader how your product/service is going to take him from his current state into a higher state, a before & after. It needs to discuss the current difficulties he may be having, and then the future relief and gain he will have by using your product/service. It is HIGHLY recommended that you study up on how to write sales text by reading some articles on Hubspot or Digital Marketer.

3) Use scarcity. Play in to the customer’s fear by communicating what they have to lose if they don’t get your product/service.

4) Go in for the ‘ask’, multiple times. Don’t be shy, have several calls to actions in the email.

1. Start collecting: first name, last name, email, zip, from all your customers

2. Create an account at Mailchimp and start entering all the customers

3. Study how to make good subject lines

4. Study how to write good sales text (Hubspot, Digital Marketer)

5. Create your first campaign in Mailchimp, and send it.

6. Evaluate the performance of your campaign and contact us to tell us how you did!