3 Things you MUST know to get results with Email Marketing

1. Send to the right people

You should only be sending emails to your current or past customers. By whatever means, you need to get the name and email of your customers and start entering it into an email marketing platform such as Mail Chimp. If you can’t get a hold of past emails then fear not, start collecting emails from current customers NOW.

2. Choose the right subject line

Subject lines that are predictable will be ignored and won’t be opened. Your subject line cannot be conservative. It needs to be ‘tangy’ so to speak. It must pique interest in the reader. It needs to catch their eye, but not offend. A quick Google search for clever email subject lines will help give you the idea. The subject need ONLY convince them to open the email. The subject does NOT need to explain the content of the email. I repeat, the email subject line does NOT describe the contents of your email. That is a huge mistake many marketers make, as it will result in mediocre open rates.

3. Choose the right text

If the purpose of the subject line is to get the reader to open your message, then the purpose of the email text is to get them to perform an action (call a number, click a link etc.).

The text for a Goodwill Content email is simple and does not need to be discussed here, however the text for a Sales Email is very precise and must be done properly in order to get sales from your email.