Stop Spamming Already

Let’s get you properly doing EMAIL MARKETING

You can STILL generate revenue with email marketing; it is not dead yet, despite what some may say.

It is STILL working, and it CAN work for you.

Just realize that any failure you have had with email marketing was simply because you did not have the right email subject, email text, or the right recipients on your list.

Emails which have the right subject and text and are sent to the right people DO generate sales.

It is true that open rates continue to become less and less as the years go by, and if you look back at the 90’s when everyone opened EVERY email they received and compare it to the present, things would seem very bleak!

Much has changed, but the way to combat this is by, only having people on your list who REALLY want to be on it. By doing this you will have a smaller list, but you’ll have more open rates, and higher open rates means more of your emails get delivered and sends positive signals to your web host.

Web users have wised up, and they are sick of spam.

The first and most important rule to learn: stop spamming, only send to your list.

What type of email marketing is dead? Bulk email. It used to work, and now it is completely dead.

What type of email marketing is still alive? Email marketing that is done to people who have EXPLICITLY and knowingly subscribed to your list.