Selling on Social Media Using your Personal Facebook Account

Do you post on your personal Facebook account in hopes that you will make sales?

Are you getting the sales you want from posting?

If you’re not satisfied with your results, read on.


Setting expectations

It is not a reasonable expectation to hope for sales from doing posts on Facebook, be it your personal page or a business page. It would have to be an incredibly good offer to prompt anyone to actually take action. Posting just creates awareness, it does not itself get you a sale.


What DOES get you sales on Facebook?

Direct messaging. Live communication is always more effective than posting. It is the same with advertising. Which do you think will get you more sales: 100 fliers handed out on the street, or 100 phone calls by your sales associates? Live communication wins. Therefore, we can apply this to social media marketing and see that DMs (direct messages) should not be ignored, and should be utilized.


What is posting good for? Should I stop?

You shouldn’t stop posting. But you SHOULD stop the pattern of: 1) make a post and 2) wait for a sale. That will not happen.

Most marketers will tell you that the reason you should post is to get awareness and get people interested in your product/service so you can move them along your sales funnel. This is completely accurate, however there is another use for posting; it tells you who is interested.

When you make a post, people will comment, share or like. And you can see who these people are, and better yet you can then message them directly. This puts you in communication with them right away.


Can I do this on my Business FB Page?

No, you cannot DM people who like/comment/share on your business page posts, unless you are already friends with them on your personal account.


What should my post say?

Your post could have a photo of whatever product/service you do, like a completed project, or a satisfied customer. A before and after photo would also be good. Your post could also be something lighter, like a meme which is centered around your industry or product/services.


What should my DMs say?

Being that it is your personal FB account you most likely already have some rapport with this person, you should keep it very personal. Something like: “hey [name], I see you liked my post on patios, does your home have any hardscaping?” And just go from there into a normal conversation.


What should I sell in my DM?

Your DMs should not be a cookie cutter 4 paragraph sales message. That is NOT the right way to do this. Messages like that get ignored. You can use the same opening statement/sentence for all the messages but don’t just copy and paste in a whole bunch of sales text and send that to 100 people.

Whatever you do end up selling via the DM it should be very low entry-level; it could even be a free introductory service, or simply a free consultation/estimate/inspection. The lower you lower the bar the more closes you’ll get. You just want to get them into your sales funnel. You’re not going in with your core offer when DMing. You can’t sell the kind of higher ticket items that you can when you’re on the phone. So, lower the bar, get them in on something free or cheap/easy, and then afterwards contact them on the phone or in person for your core offer.