5 Mistakes in Creating Content

Advice on what not to do in Content Marketing

Mistake #1: Pages with Redundant Keyword Groups

Making a single page for each keyword phrase is the epitome of old overly-aggressive SEO tactics, and it has no place in modern content marketing!

A classic example of this would be creating a single page for:

  • Driveway pavers
  • Paver driveways
  • Driveway paving
  • Paving Driveway

This gives you four pages which should only be ONE at the very most. Doing this is spam-tastical and will eventually be heavily penalized by Google.


Mistake #2: Too much concern about number of words on the page

Just because you have 200 pages all with the ‘agreed upon minimum of 300 words’ on each does not mean that Google is going to think your content is awesome and upgrade your search results placement.

Your approach should be on a page by page basis of: How can we make this page the best of its kind on the internet? And then create your next page with that frame of mind.

The wrong frame of mind is: how can we create 100 pages on this topic, with the minimum amount of content which no one even wants to read, with the minimum amount of time and effort.

Content only is King when the content is worthy.


Mistake #3: Poor internal linking

Your site’s navigation tells Google what pages you think are most important on your site. This is a strong signal, and should not be brushed off. Your best pages should be linked to frequently. Your lower value pages should have less links to them. By this you can indicate to Google what your best content is.


Mistake #4: Content hosted on a subdomain

Your best content needs to be on the same domain as your main website! To do otherwise is a terrific SEO no-no. You lose out on all the authority and value Google assigns to the content if it is on a site other than your main one. If you have to, move it over from a subdomain to a subfolder in your main site, and you will experience a boost in your SEO.


Mistake #5: Using ‘content generation’ tools

Some people have trouble differentiating between ‘content’ and ‘actual content’, or shall we say: “filler text written for SEO and not designed to help the user”, and “text/images created to help the user”. We are interested in the later, and you should be too!

Automatically generated ‘content’ is nothing more than glorified garbage, with keywords sprinkled about. Your content will never be King if the content is fit for a pauper.

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