Doing Facebook Right

Do you want your company Facebook to have more than 100 likes?

Do you want a Facebook audience that loves your brand and posts and goes out of their way to share your content?

If so… then you need to forget everything you know about what you should be posting on Facebook, because it is wrong.

Facebook is no place to be conservative and business like. It is a place to be social and experimental.

Conservative Facebook pages get ignored and never grow more than a hundred followers. There is nothing to interest the audience, it is all just more business posts, like every other business FB page.

Creative, edgy, experimental Facebook pages are loved and shared. And after that’s what you want isn’t it?


The wrong things to post (being conservative and business-like)

Some business owners are so afraid of the consequences of posting that they won’t even post free content or content which is DIY-based. Meaning they are afraid their client is going to DIY and not need their services.

In our current age of relationship-based marketing, freely sharing useful information to the potential client is KING.

And how do you build a relationship with someone? You add value. You lead with value and you seek to enhance them, make them a better them. That does not include hiding information from them which might cause them to not require your services.

It is the exact opposite. If a business goes out of their way to give helpful information to a prospect (even if that means that they might not get any business), they will win a place in the mind of that prospect, because they were being human, helpful and not money-hungry.

It is important to remember that on social media you need to do the social thing.

It is not the same as if you paid $5 for a pay-per-click ad, and the person went to a landing page, and then on your landing page you were promoting your competition. That is obviously stupid, because it is an ad squeeze page and should generate revenue.

But if you are just posting on social media, most of your posts SHOULD be good-will posts, designed to simply help your audience.

While you certainly should be posting coupons, special offers, and sales oriented posts, they should be no more than 20% of your posts. The remaining 80% should be various forms of free useful content or entertaining content.


The right things to post (being social and human)

It cannot be stressed enough that businesses on Facebook need to post the same type of material that individuals do on their personal accounts.

What does this mean?

This means the three main things you should be posting on your business FB are:

  • Articles to useful or helpful content, related to your industry
  • Photos of your good works/products
  • Memes

While business owners may reject the idea of posting memes or scoff at it, it is nonetheless true. Good, relatable memes get the highest engagement than any other type of post on social media. And this fact should not be ignored.

And they don’t have to be degrading, perverse or low-brow. A good meme is simply funny or very relatable.

Additionally, the memes you post do NOT have to be related to your industry! This is a fatal mistake social media managers make.

Just because you have a landscaping business does not mean you can only post memes about landscaping. I assure you there are very few memes about landscaping on the internet, let alone entertaining ones!

It does mean that you should definitely make your own memes on the topic of landscaping, and still also post plenty of standard/general memes.

To learn more about memes and how to make them check out this article: