The Best Way to Use PPC & Landing Pages [Part Two]

Sales (squeeze) Landing Pages

In our last article we discussed what a landing page should and should not be, and described in detail how an opt-in landing page works.

There is another type of landing page which is probably the most commonly used, and that is the Sales Landing page. These give you revenue right away, and convert the traffic into money. They have a smaller conversion rate than an email opt-in landing page, but they are still very effective and are used by many businesses to generate revenue. Of course to have a sales landing page you need a product or service to sell.


How does it work?

First you must have a means of getting traffic.

This could be social media posts (which link to your landing page), or this could be PPC, which also link to your landing page. Either way, when you promote your website/services you MUST link your promotion (be it ads or social media) to a TAILOR MADE landing page.

Today we are going to look at Sales Landing pages.


Components of a Sales Page

An effective sales page should have the following:

  • A sales video at the very top, to enlighten, handle objections, and close the viewer
  • Testimonials of consumers, showing their name and photo
  • Multiple CTAs
  • Detailed breakdown on the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the sale. In other words, what life is like without your product and service, and how awful it is (this takes creativity). And then, how life will be awesome WITH your product/service; showing them that you can take them from ‘before’ to ‘after’
  • Bullet points and properly formatted text, so that it can be digested easily
  • If applicable, photos of the before and after


How much should I charge?

It should be between $10 and $50. Anything more would require personal contact, via phone or interview.

If your products and services are expensive, high-ticket items that cost thousands of dollars, you should not expect or hope that these will sell via a PPC ad campaign.


Breaking Even

The idea is that if you pay $100 for 100 clicks to your landing page, and two visitors end up buying your $50 product, you will make $100. So essentially you break even at that point. And this would be a 2% conversion rate. This is a pretty average conversion rate, and can be increased.

As long as you are breaking even with the sales from the sales landing page you will profit, because, after every purchase you will capture the buyer’s personal info, so you can then upsell them further products and higher ticket items via email marketing.

So the goal of the sales landing page isn’t to make you money. The goal of the sales landing page is to recoup the cost of the PPC campaign which brought the traffic. After that, you then add them to your list, and sell them the rest of your products/services. It is by doing THIS where you make the money.

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