How to do interest-targeted Ads on Facebook

Do you have confidence in ads on Facebook?

Are you getting the leads/return that you expected?

Let’s look at the right way to do interest-targeted ads on Facebook.

You don’t just hastily whip together some text, a stock photo, set a budget, and call it a day.

An ad which performs on FB must have these things:

  • Finely crafted text to get attention, text which is relevant to your product
  • An impactful, non-generic, non-stock photo, which is also relevant to your product
  • A budget of $5 a day
  • A carefully selected demographic/audience, so you are putting your product in front of the right people


The Text for the Headline

Above your image you will have some headline text for your ad. You have a limit of 25 characters for the headline.

When you think of the text, you need to think of the ‘national inquirer’ (minus the lies). The text has to grab their attention and suck them in. Same with the image. The viewer only has a second of his attention to give to you, so it is vital that you avoid bland and conservative ads at all cost. The text should also be truthful. It should NOT just say the name of your service or the name of your company. That will not get anyone’s attention.

The text can be:

-a heavily discounted offer, where the savings are obvious (Three bottles of wine for $19)
-a mysterious or strange statement (Nutritionists hate this weird trick…)
-the start of an emotional story (When all hope was lost for this little boy…)
-very desirable benefits (loose 21 pounds in 21 days)

Note: Below the image you can have 90 characters of text, which you can use to close viewers and give them a CTA.


The Image

The image cannot be conservative or bland, it can’t just blend into the background. It needs to pop and grab attention. Facebook does have guidelines on what types of images are not allowed. More data can be found here:

Keep in mind that your image does not have to be the image of whatever product or service you are selling. It just has to be close enough to be related.

For instance, if you are selling a “limited time only 50% OFF landscaping maintenance service”, you wouldn’t have your image be some nice clean grass. That is far too normal and will not get noticed. Consider something weird and shocking, like a photo of a lawn with a bomb crater in the middle. Or a lawn over-run with furry critters.

It goes without saying that your text should tie in with the image.

Additionally the image itself can have text on it, but it cannot take up more than 20% of the image.


The Demographic

It is not enough to choose the sex, age and income in your demographic for your FB ads. That is far too broad. You must, must also determine what your audience’s interests are, and then select those interests when making your ad. This ensures that the right people are seeing your ad. You don’t want your ad being shown to all one billion FB users, you want it shown specifically to the people who are most likely to buy your product.

For example, if you were selling internet marketing software, you would want your ad to be shown to people who are interested in not only the subject, but also the various platforms and software (because those people would be more apt to buy yours). And to sort the amateurs from the pros you’d also want your ad to be shown to people who are informed and follow marketing thought leaders. You can configure all of this in the ‘interests’ section of the FB ad dashboard.

Choose Marketing Subjects:

-internet marketing
-email marketing

Choose Marketing Software:


Choose Marketing Thought Leaders:

-Ryan Deiss
-Frank Kern
-Neil Patel

In this case a person will only see your ad IF they are interested in at least one of the subjects, one of the software platforms, and one of the thought leaders.

By doing this you are really focusing in and putting your ad in front of the right people.


With a budget of $5 a day anyone can afford to start up FB ads for their business and start tweaking things around to find the ad that gets the highest return. Done properly FB ads can get you the leads you want, you just need to be willing to start and get educated on it, and keep testing your ads until you have a winner.