4 Reasons why you should ONLY use Clear Imaging to create your business websites

There are a lot of DIY website platforms on the market: Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Jimdo, etc.

They enable people without any programming experience to create functional websites, for personal or business use. Many offer advanced features like photo gallery slide shows, e-commerce and payment processing, etc. etc.

Although there are many benefits to such platforms they are not for everyone and do have some downsides.

Let’s look over the cons and why you should have Clear Imaging do your websites for you.


Reason 1 – Other sites may be invisible to Google

We’re assuming you want your website to be able to be found by Google, and thus placed in Google’s search result pages. In order for this to occur your website’s source code has to be visible to Google. In some of today’s modern website building  platforms the source code is actually invisible, and when Google visits your site to index it, it just sees empty pages with no text. Thus, such sites would have no search engine ranking to speak of.

All sites made by Clear Imaging are not only fully visible to Google but are built inherently with Search Engine Optimization best practices.


Reason 2 – You don’t have to learn anything

All of today’s website building platforms involve SOME form of orientation and learning. You may not have to be a programmer to setup one of their sites but you do have to be willing to sit down and confront the platform’s interface, documentation, watch video tutorials, and work at it by yourself until you have a product you’re pleased with.

When you get a website with Clear Imaging not only do we build the entire thing for you, you also get unlimited free updates. We can take care of all further maintenance, you don’t have to learn anything.


Reason 3 – Your site might not look the way you want it to

Your site’s design is limited to the templates which the platform has. Some may be too basic and leave you unsatisfied. Since your website is your customer’s first impression of your business you want it to be just right, and you certainly don’t want to comprise and have your first impression be anything less than excellent.

When Clear Imaging makes a website for you, we design the site exactly to your specifications and continue to work with until it is just how you want it.


Reason 4 – Other sites might not be mobile-friendly

We are making all websites fully compatible with desktop and mobile applications, so you don’t need to worry about how your site renders across various devices.