Re-Evaluating Your Company Facebook [Part Two]

But I have a boring landscaping company and there is no popular or viral landscaping content on the web

This is a good point.

While it is best if you can keep the content you post tied to the industry/field that you work in, and keep everything on the same topic; you shouldn’t however let this idea restrict you to a life of monochrome! More importantly, who says the content you are posting MUST be popular or viral?

If you look back earlier, you’ll see we determined your audience simply wants:1) useful content which makes him better, 2) something funny, entertaining, 3) coupons great offers.

Obviously, it is best if you can post viral content which is relevant to your brand and audience. But if you CANT, then fear not. All you should do is post VALUABLE content (not necessarily virally popular), and your audience will be pleased. In this case, you wouldn’t use Buzz Sumo. Instead you’d search the web to find quality blog posts and articles on topics relating to your industry.


How often?

You should post three times a day. Once at lunch, once at dinner, and one late at night, around 10pm. However, this may vary from time zone to time zone; be sure to check your analytics to find when most of your users are online.

If your posts are quality (good content which makes people better) you won’t need to worry about people unfollowing you and getting annoyed (however, there will always be a small percentage who will unfollow you no matter what you do). BUT, if your posts are low quality, then you don’t want to post frequently, as your audience will get sick of seeing your low-quality content.


What you should NOT be doing

Let’s summarize what you shouldn’t be doing in your business Facebook campaign.

  • One or fewer posts per day
  • Posting only pictures of your products, or only posts about your products
  • Posting only things in your industry/field
  • Insisting that all content originates from your brand, and nothing from outside sources
  • Ignoring comments
  • Arguing with your audience


What you SHOULD be doing

  • You should be posting at least three times a day, at peak user online times
  • If you’re going to post about your products it had better only be one in every 20 posts. People did not follow your company’s FB page to hear about your products constantly
  • You should mix it up and post things in related fields, and even completely disrelated things, such as famous quotes, and yes, even cat videos. (it is still social media, after all)
  • Amazing content exists on the web, don’t deprive your audience; share it, and they will love you
  • You should respond to every single comment your channel gets, be it FB, TW, G+, whatever. It is important to engage with your audience and let them know someone is there
  • You should maintain good PR at all times on your social media channels. If you have a disgruntled fan/follower, use this as an opportunity to turn him into a zealous supporter, by giving them great service