Re-Evaluating Your Company Facebook

Does your company Facebook campaign feel like a random ambiguous activity?

Do you feel a disconnect between your company’s Facebook page and your sales & marketing campaign?

Are you not getting any results with your business Facebook page?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions then let’s take a moment and re-evaluate your Facebook campaign strategy.


Facebook for business is different

For some reason, people think that they can only post photos of their products and coupons for their products. Although this ‘gut feeling’ is logical and understandable (after all, it is your business page and not a personal page, right!?), but what results does this actually get? How much engagement from the audience do you get when you post a photo and info of your product? I’m going to hazard a guess: not much.

It is not what people want.


But what do people want?

People typically expect a few different things from a business FB page:

  • Useful information. Emphasis on ‘useful’ information
  • Entertainment
  • Incentives (good deals, coupon codes, good special offers)

This tells you at once what you should be posting on your business social media campaign.

The above three times are in order of what you should be posting most frequently.

This also tells us that the subscriber, follower, fan or whatever you want to call them is interested in valuable content. Content which either makes them laugh and feel good, or content which gives them understanding, certainty, ability.


Where do I get this content?

Don’t make the mistake thinking that you must be the creator of all content you post on social media. And don’t let experts dissuade you saying that you’re diluting your brand by promoting other people’s content. This is simply not true. The idea of sharing is the very backbone of the web. It is perfectly acceptable for you to share great content created by others on your business Facebook page. Your audience will love it.

Of course if you had more time and energy you could hire your own people to create your own amazing content. But until you reach that level, content curation is a viable alternative to providing your audience with good content.

You can use free services like Buzz Sumo to find what content is the most popular and viral in particular fields or for certain keywords. And then just post a link to that article in your social media posts. This allows you to avoid the growing pains of not being sure if what you’re posting will be popular or not, as, you’re only posting content which has already proved to be popular.

The content you curate from the web could be anything from ‘how to guides’, white papers, or just really interesting articles a la BuzzFeed.

But I have a boring landscaping company and there is no popular or viral landscaping content on the web; what can I do?

This is a good question. Read Part Two for the answer.