The Sales Funnel on The Web: Awareness [Part Two]

Your Awareness Campaign

It is important to accept that not everyone who gets exposed to your brand via your awareness campaign (ads, etc) will actually even be a qualified consumer. For example, it doesn’t matter how many times a man hears a Tampax ad, he won’t buy. If you are able to direct your awareness campaign at your precise, exact audience then you will get much more bang for your buck.

If you’re doing content marketing and social media marketing for your method of gaining awareness, you must realize that it can take many months for it to build up, and create enough exposures to enough people, to move them from awareness to interest. It could very well take ten exposures to your content before they are interested.


Word of Mouth… The BEST Awareness Campaign

By far the most potent awareness campaign you could engage in would be word of mouth. When an ad tells someone to buy something it has no weight with us. We park it behind the left lobe of the brain and give it no further importance or attention. However, when a friend, or even simply an associate/acquaintance tells us of a company that has a good product, it automatically gains considerable value in our minds without further inspection. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve heard an ad, it does not leave us with a lasting opinion on the quality of that brand. But if a friend has told us something about a company, even casually in passing, that more often than not becomes our opinion.

Good word of mouth is created by pleased customers. Pleased customers are created by providing a wicked good product/service which made a lasting good impression on them. Therefore, it is in within your control. If you’re good enough people will talk.

You can leverage this buy offering incentives to loyal customers to ‘bring in a friend’ and offer either a discount to the friend or a small cash reward to the loyal customer.


Bridging the gap from Awareness to Interest

How do you move the consumer further along the sales funnel, from becoming aware/noticing your brand, to actually liking it and being into it?

Quite simply. You have to create more positive experiences for that consumer with your brand. Basically, this would be more good content, and more good word of mouth. Keep churning out good products, and good articles, and keep outflowing. If you stop your ad campaign or your content marketing campaign then the consumer will NOT have chance to find your brand again; and you need them to keep finding you, and being exposed to you.

Retargeting is an excellent solution to this. It enables you to keep showing a product the consumer had searched for, over and over, until he becomes interested and buys, or becomes disinterested and ignores.


Summary for Awareness

1)      A person may only need one exposure of your product/service and become a buyer right then and there

2)      Typically, however, a person will need several exposures of your product/service before they become a buyer (these exposures could be ads, blog posts, re-targeted ads, social media shares, search results)

3)      You can get people aware of your product/service by ads, organic search, social media, word of mouth, etc.

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