The Importance of Content!

So we are assuming that after our last couple of blogs, you are all madly working on your search engine optimization as well as your keywords – right? A few weeks ago we briefly mentioned the importance of having not only content, but updated content on your webpage. Don’t worry, if you don’t remember, we will start at the beginning and give you all the tools that you need to be a content wiz!

To really break it down, when we say content, we specifically mean written articles that contain keywords that describe various aspects of your company, product or service. Most of us have heard the age old phrase “Content is King”! But do we really understand what this means? If you do, then this will be an excellent refresher course, if you don’t, then you are going to learn a lot in a short time!

Remember a few weeks ago when we spoke about the search engine crawls that occur every few weeks? Well, that is one of the primary reasons that content is so crucial and important. Many people spend all their time, money and energy on beautiful web pages but neglect to populate it with content. This is incredibly unfortunate because when the search engines do their crawl, they do not recognize images or custom design layouts – they have eyes only for content and keywords. When individuals search on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, the sites that come up are the sites that have content that is relevant to the search. Hence the saying “Content is King”.

When considering how you want to go about populating your site with content there are many different ways to do it. A few options would be to write the content yourself, have an employee write it for you or hire a professional to do it for you. The important thing to remember with content is that it is not something that is done over a weekend, content should be added to consistently so that every time the search engine crawls are conducted your site has had new information added to it. With this comes a warning, the search engines are smart creatures, if you plagiarize work, they will know that you are not the original author and they will actually punish you by demoting you in your rankings. –So make sure that all your content is original.

At Clear Imaging, we like to give this analogy to our clients. Your website is like a mansion; it is large, stable and has aesthetic beauty to it (the overall design). When your site goes live, this “mansion” is empty; it is your job to fill each room with beautiful paintings, rugs and furniture (I’m talking about content here people). Don’t think that the search engines will be overwhelmed with how beautiful your site is and automatically rank your site because of that, you have to furnish your new site with content… Because content is king.