Next Level SEO – 3 Ways

There are an infinite amount of wrong ways in doing SEO and just a few right ways. SEO is far more than link building and writing content pages. If you are doing your own SEO for your site and you want to take things to the next level then read on:

Public Relations

PR is the technique of persuading minds to think something more strongly or to change their thinking on something. When companies get media coverage (TV, newspaper, radio) for a story, the story will either boost or lower their image. How does this relate to SEO? Quite simply, after publicity and news coverage some people will go to Google and search (in various search phrases) for your company and or things related to it. Having a good ranking will assist you to capture this flow of new users and direct them to your website where they can convert.

But does PR actually improve your site’s search engine ranking? Indeed it does. By having links from news websites to yours (which the news article should have) you will be getting a link from a high domain authority site, and if you have several of these it will add weight to your overall position in Google. Additionally, the act of a wave of people searching for you on Google and then clicking on your site in the results sends a very strong signal to Google that people are looking for you and choosing you (out of the results).

Content Marketing

It is hard to directly track the ROI of content marketing. Indeed you can’t assume/hope that that one awesome blog article/infographic you did is going to go viral and prompt people to search for your website to learn more about you, and then convert by purchasing your service. Unfortunately Content Marketing doesn’t work quite that way.

How does Content Marketing improve your SEO? Quite simply. The content you would be creating would be based off a thorough search engine and keyword analysis, to find WHAT people actually are searching for and are interested in. Thereby you will have content (infographics/blog posts/white papers) which is wanted and easily shared. If you do enough promotion of your content, and handle your keywords properly your special content can then rank for it, and if the content is very well done and awesome it can then be spread far and wide.

Microsites & Niches

Although this is content marketing, there is a twist. With deep and thorough research you find an un-met need, something people are looking for but there are no decent results or answers for them on the web. Of course it would have to have a somewhat decent amount of monthly searches. It cannot be so niche that no one is looking for it (in which case you could be the ‘first’ to rank for it, but you would need a very large promo/ad budget in order to bring awareness for this new marketing and get people searching for it).

If this niche does not at all relate to your company then you can create a microsite for it. A totally separate entity, totally devoted to this un-met need. If it does relate to your business then you can put it as a sub domain or a sub-folder on your company website.

Why do all this? The niches involved would have little competition and the keyword phrases would be rather long, thereby allowing you to rank very easily for them, by doing PURELY organic SEO. What you want to do with the user when they reach your microsite is entirely up to you and your business model.