How to get Positive Reviews

In last week’s article we discussed the power of online reputation and how potent it has become in influencing the minds of potential customers. In many cases it is the determining factor in whether or not a person will seek to acquire your products or services. Let’s look over some effective means of achieving this on Yelp, Google+, etc.

First and foremost, the most obvious and easiest forgotten method of getting more positive reviews on sites like G+ and Yelp is to improve your quality and customer satisfaction. While this may seem to some as ‘too indirect, or too passive’, it is in fact the only truly guaranteed way you can get positive reviews.

Additionally it is important to differentiate, as we don’t just want simply ‘satisfied’ customers, as they are not likely to rave about your company and then write raving reviews. We want thrilled customers.

By focusing on improving overall quality, you will significantly reduce further occurrence of negative reviews about your company, as people with poor experiences are much more likely to write negative reviews. So this approach of quality improvement is very beneficial and two-fold.

What Else can I do?

Once you know that you have a highly satisfied customer you should take the initiative and ask them if they’d be so kind to write an online review of your website. In the past you would have asked for them to write a testimonial (you still can), however these days netizens are more likely to give credence to reviews on 3rd party review websites than testimonials on your company website, since it is more likely to be unbiased.

A simple and efficient way of requesting said online reviews is to create a print-out which you can hand to your customers. It would be simple and communicative with:

1)      A large bold and short title: Customer Feedback, or Write a Review

2)     A short paragraph requesting their help and stating why

3)     The URL of the page that they can go to do leave the review for your site, fully typed out

4)     In addition to the above fully typed-out URL you should also have a QR code which they can scan with their smart phone. Once they scan it they can be redirected to the review page, and can then proceed to write the review right from their mobile device. (to learn more about QR codes read our article.