Five iPad Apps for You Should Be Using for Your Business

With over one million iPads sold since last months new release of the iPad Air, the ubiquitous iPad is falling into the hands of more and more business owners. But are they taking advantage of its ability to enhance productivity? Lets look over just a few of the most basic iPad Apps that one can use to increase productivity in any activity.


Be it a simple report to your superior about company statistics and progress, or an elaborate presentation for a large corporate meeting, you’ll find Keynote simple to use and professional, complete with animated charts and transitions (touchable and tapable depending), and attractive graphics.


If you’ve ever tried to brainstorm or work out new plans without jotting it down or sketching it you know how time consuming and disorienting it can be. You can take advantage of Corkulous as an innovative new way to work out, organize and finally share your plans (You can save your ‘cork boards’ in Dropbox). The program is rich in features and graphics which ads incentives to this sometimes daunting process.

Ideas for implementing:

1)      reminder board
2)      to-do list
3)      targets and goals
4)      event planning

AirDisplay 1.2

Take your iPad and convert it into a second LCD monitor for your Windows PC or Mac! Multiple monitors do wonders to increase productivity and bring order to one’s work station. Moving programs that require constant monitoring and use (like Microsoft outlook) are best served with their own dedicated monitor. While this app is not free (it costs a mere $20) it is certainly worth buying.


Don’t let the fact that team members are not all in the same location physically deter you from having meetings and coordinating activities, as the more coordinated and in communication a team is the more productive they are. Thanks to the free app MightyMeeting you can have meetings with members who are using Android, iOS or PCs & Macs. You can share detailed whiteboards/chalkboards and slides which can be saved for future reference.


Unlocking the power of the iPad, eFax enables you to both send and receive faxes right from your tablet. The free version of the app lets you receive, and the premium version allows you to also send. While not all employees need this ability, the ones that do will find this facility to be a God-send.