Pinterest for your Business

New to the scene of social media sites but a force to be reckoned with is picture/link sharing website Pinterest, where users create ‘boards’ of various topics and ‘pin’ to it their favorite web pages, links, photos etc. For instance one could have a ‘board’ for recipes, and every day they add more links from other websites to it.

Sounds a lot like the venerable social book marking website doesn’t it? Yes indeed it does. You could say that Pinterest was the next step in evolution of social book marking.

What’s more, people can ‘follow’ other users of Pinterest and see what they are pinning (a la twitter), and then pin it on their boards, thus creating a domino effect.

What does this mean for my business?

Plenty! Pinterest users spend a considerable amount of time looking for nifty things to pin, and if one of those was a photo, link, page of your website then that means quality and natural promotion of your business.

Things you should know about Pinterest:

1) 80% of users are women

2) American users spend an average of 77 minutes on the site

3) 10.5 million users

Can my business make an account?

You are just in time. Pinterest just recently (in the last few months) released ‘business accounts’, where now you can have your actual company and company name on Pinterest. Go here and make an account.

What exactly do I do on my account?

Get social! Make boards about certain topics related for your business, and start pinning to it links to pages related to said topic. For instance you can make a ‘board’ for specials at your company and pin to it links to each of your coupons. Or a board for ‘recommended contractors’ and pin to it a link to each contractor that you’ve worked with which you recommend.

How do I get followers?

In the spirit of Twitter, one of the ways you can get followers is by following other people, who most of the time return the favor. You can also put Pinterest social buttons on your website to drive traffic to your Pinterest page.

Can you help me?

Yes! Contact us now and we’ll get the show on the road for you.


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