More ‘Likes’ ‘Pluses’ and ‘Followers’?

Setting up a Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus business page only takes minutes but getting the ‘likes’, ‘pluses and ‘followers’ seems to take ages! Even after putting the social media icons on your website, generating engagement from visitors can be slow and laborious. So, what can you do? Plenty!

Location of Social Media Icons

Believe it or not, there are certain hot spots on a web page where users will focus their attention on and certain other areas, they will avoid. This psychology is used heavily by individuals who place Google Adsense on their websites, as they must place the ads in the most popular areas. What this means for you is, you can use the same technique for what you want to people to view more prominently, namely your social media icons.

#1 Bottom of the Page

One of the hottest spots to place social media icons is in fact the BOTTOM of the page’s content, (not the footer) just where the final text ends! This makes perfect sense if you ponder for a moment, as the text guides the reader to the bottom and when they finish reading it, they are ‘done’ and unless you get them started on something new, they’ll wander off. So direct your website visitor’s attention with your icons at the bottom of all your web pages.

#2 Floating Icons on the Top Right Corner

If you want to pull out the heavy artillery, you can implement the ‘floating box’ technique wherein you have your social media icons actually ‘fixed’ to the screen, and they will float over the content as the user scrolls down the web page. This creates continuous visibility and generates a lot of attention.

See an example of this floating box here: (Notice the top right corner)

This is Exciting but, how can I do this?

If you do not know HTML and CSS programming, then you will need to hire a qualified professional to do this for you, especially for implementation of a floating box.

Every day that you don’t have this implemented you are losing out on new ‘likes’, ‘followers’ and ‘pluses’! If you need assistance, please contact Clear Imaging and have us do it for you!