How to get more ‘likes’ for your company’s Facebook

It is the dismay of many a business owner or marketer to set up their company’s facebook with great fervor only to watch the page go un-noticed and accrue barely any ‘likes’.

It goes without saying that the more ‘likes’ your page has the more people can view your posts, and subsequently the more people you can interest in your website or services.

What is the cause?

A Business Facebook page by itself will not attract any attention or ‘likes’. Just like a website, a Facebook page must be promoted and if you think of it as such then you are on the right path.

How can I promote my Facebook page?

The following is an essential list of promotion mediums for your Facebook:

1)      Facebook icon and Facebook ‘like’ button on every page of your website.

2)      Facebook icon and your Facebook URL on every piece of paper or digital promotion that you create.

3)      Message all of your friends on Facebook and ask them kindly to ’like’ your page. Ask your employees (if they are comfortable with it) to message his or her friends on Facebook, and ask them to ‘like’ the page.

This is just the beginning, it will give you a decent amount of ‘likes’ to get started with.

Where do I go from here?

The way to retain your current likes and attract more is to post INTERESTING content on your Facebook page. The most successful way of doing this is through posting pictures.

A company posts a really cool photo, maybe twenty people like it, five comment on it and one or two people share it. The more user interaction you create the further out your ‘page’ will spread and gather more attention.

If you keep up this kind of activity the momentum will continue to build and your page will get lots of attention and certainly more ‘likes’.

What kind of photos?

Whatever industry you are in you must find something related to it and then find interesting, cool, funny or beautiful photographs associated with it.

Individuals in the Landscaping or Paving industry have it made, with a plethora of beautiful landscaping photo graphs. Even if one’s company did strictly ‘paver cleaning’ he could still post pictures of beautiful landscape jobs & projects.

If one was a florist, then one could post any kind of plant picture. If one had a pub, one could post any kind of drink, or even ‘pubs of the world’ to show what pubs look like in other countries. If one was something as mundane as an Electrician, he could still capture interest by posting photos of lightning bolts, plasma, scientific experiments with electricity.

But where do I get these photos?

Google! You need NOT upload your own photos! Simply searching on Google will supply you with all the fodder you will need.

How often do I post?

MINIMUM of three times a day, and ideally ten times a day. Once a day will not cut it.

Anything else?

Yes. It is always wise to check out your competition and see what they are doing that is successful and then trying it yourself to see what results you get. It may give you ideas on types of photos or types of posts to make.

Happy Posting!