Sprucing up your Site – Mini Contact Forms

While its nothing new that your website should have a contact form somewhere on it, it is new that your website should have a mini contact form on every page. This growing trend started approximately five years ago and has now come into standard practice, with mini contact forms under the left navigation buttons, or on the very bottom of the site above the footer.

These mini forms typically consist of a ‘name’, ‘phone’ and ‘email’ field, and then at the very most a small ‘message’ field for you to input details.

Why use Mini Contact Forms?

Very simple, the more times you can expose your web visitor to something the higher the chances are it will make some sort of impression on him and cause him to do something, in this case, fill out your form. Which for you is the whole purpose for your website anyway (driving in business). Your form can say ‘free request’ or just plain ‘contact us’.

If you couple your mini contact form with a good ‘call to action’ or even a special offer then you are really on a roll and will get attention from your visitors. It is important to remember that you have to actually tell your visitors what to do, if you don’t you are missing out on reaches for your service.

How do I do it? I don’t know HTML

Fear not, you needn’t go to Barnes & Noble, buy a copy of HTML for Dummies and then go crazy trying to learn how to make a contact form. If you are a customer with us at Clear Imaging we can do it for you, as this is part of our standard website maintenance service. If Clearimaging is not running your website then by all means call us up and sign on to our top notch website design and marketing services.