Page Views

If there is one thing which reveals the value of your website it is ‘page views’ and ‘time spent on site’. By page views we mean how many pages a web visitor went to in his visit. And ‘time spent on site’ means just that.

There will always be those who pop in, view one page for 2 seconds and leave. In spite of visitors with stats like that, your site should have enough engaging comment to average out to at least ‘one minute’ on the website and ‘two or three’ average page views.

How do you do this?

Simply, if you increase page views you will automatically increase time on site.

So let’s look at how you can get more page views:

Inter-page linking

The MOST obvious and most un used method for increasing page views is putting links to your pages right in the page text! This is called ‘inline linking’. Where you have a paragraph, and lets say there is a word or phrase in this paragraph which you actually have a page on. In this case you’d link that whole word or phrase to its corresponding page. You’ve seen this used religiously on Wikipedia. And guess what? People end up hanging around because everywhere they go there’s more relevant pages to read!

The reason this is not used more is because it is rather time consuming and dull work, but its too good to pass up.

Clever Titles

There really isn’t much to this one. Just don’t get caught in the trap of boring tasteless page titles! Make them ZESTY!

“Best Restaurants in New York City”

“Disgustingly Delicious Restaurants in NYC”

Which one caught your attention? This requires time and creativity but pays off with more people clicking your link because it sounds interesting.

Related Pages

Your reader hits the bottom of your page. There’s no more text, what’s he to do? Well, unless you are giving him something to do he’s gonna close that window and be gone! So make sure you put a list of recommended/related pages at the END of every page! Don’t let him go, keep on serving him up your pages. And if possible make them related to the one he just read.

Good web design ruthlessly controls the web visitor, and takes him where you want him to go and shows him what you want him to see.


With this all said, it is obvious if your site only has five pages then you’ll have to expand and get some content going!

If your site doesn’t have any content then by all means set aside time on your weekends to start writing pages. And for those of you insist on playing during your weekends and not working, commission the pros at Clear Imaging to write you up some content: