Content is King

Any professional worth his salt is familiar with the time old adage ‘content is king’ however what sets professionals apart are those who actually apply this data in their marketing and promotion of websites. But its not just any old content that is king, no sir. You will need more than just words on a page in order to engage visitors and build rapport with Google. So what kind of content do you need?

What kind of Content?

Your content need only be two things:

1)      Natural. Meaning written by a human, and not an incoherent block of keyword-happy text. Additionally there should be no emphasis put on keywords.

2)      Interesting. Something with spice, flavor which will actually catch someone’s attention and pull them to read on about it. This is the hardest one to achieve, and requires great cleverness to separate from the pack of ‘standard boring content’, although standard boring content WILL suffice, the level of interest will determine the popularity and ‘virality’ of your website.

What do I write about?

For your text, it must be related to the rest of your website. For example if you have a rental car website then don’t write articles about the best fertilizers to use in the Spring. Keep your articles relevant to your website’s industry and field.

How much Content?

Now that you know what kind of content you need (natural and interesting), you’ll need to know how often to make and how much. A good rule of thumb is a 300-500 word article every day.

Daunting? That is understandable. If seven articles a week is too much to bear consider writing at least two.

If writing two articles a week is still too much for your plate (which it very well may be) don’t let that fact stop you from getting content on your website! If you want your website to get noticed by Google and make a name for its self on the web then you must make lots of pages of good content! The answer is to delegate! Co-workers, family or friends, you’d be surprised who you can find that would like to write articles for websites.

If all else fails you can pay a professional to write your content for you. Clear Imaging does offer this service, however try your best to economize and have co-workers, family or friends write for you.