Local Search Results for Businesses

Using the internet you’d be surprised to find how many resources there are for free promotion of your business/website. The only thing you have to pay is your time and energy, which is one of the main reasons people never end up taking advantage of said resources.

Today we focus on two free vehicles of promotion: getting your business into the local search results of Yahoo and Google. While making the accounts does not insure you any rankings, it is the first step to getting yourself into the local search results.

Google Places

If you want your business showing up on Google Maps then the first thing you must do is submit your company in Google Places. You’ll have a chance to put a link to your site, post photos, video and even create and promote coupons!

You will need a physical address for your business, which is part of the verification process. Upon completing your profile Google will send a postcard with the verification code to the address of your business. It normally takes 2-3 weeks and you have the option to request another mailing in case you missed it somehow.

Your page will not go live until it has been verified.

Set up time: 10 minutes.

Make your account now:


Yahoo Local Business Center

Like Google Maps, if you want your business to show up in Yahoo Maps then you’ll need to go and create a free account with Yahoo Local Business Center.

Yahoo does not have any verification process for your company so as soon as you make your page it will be live.

Yahoo also offers you to expand and make multiple pages, giving you kind of a mini website.

Set up time: 10 minutes

Make your account now!


As mentioned in the foreword, not everyone wants to take the time to set these up, or some do have the time but not the patience required to go through all the motions. For people in such a case the answer would be to hire a professional to do it for them.

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