The Value of Press Releases

If your current promotion program doesn’t consist of regular (monthly) press releases then you are sorely missing out on a relatively un-tapped, inexpensive and effective resource.

The benefits of an online press release are twofold:

Genuine Incoming Links

It’s getting harder and harder to get a fresh genuine link these days. It is typically something out of your control, except for when you do a press release. If you choose the right kind of package (one which will let you embed a link to your website in the press release) in this case PR Web’s ‘Standard package, you may get as many as 1000 incoming links to your website.

Granted these links do not have a lot of ‘weight’ or value in the eyes of Google, however it is helpful!


The more broadly known you can make your website the more visitors will find you. That is a plain and simple truth. There are many ways to do this: Google Ads, Flyers, TV, radio & newspaper ads. Unfortunately all of said mediums are rather expensive. Online press releases offer an extremely affordable way to get the word out fast and wide (costing as little as $160 USD).

What can I do a release about?

The typical response to that question would be ‘website launch’ and ‘new products’ which is a valid answer but rather boring! And then what do you do after that? Stop putting out releases? Absolutely not! In order to really build up a momentum and get the word out you need to do a release every month.

Many people shy away from this resource because they can’t think of anything to do a release about, or they don’t feel they have anything newsworthy. All it takes is a bit of creativity and ‘thinking outside the box.

While the release needs to be relevant to your business it does not have to be ONLY about your business! Your release could be about a news item which affects your industry and therefore your business! An example of this would be a release about high gas prices which is having a negative impact in your industry and then tie in the things your company is doing to cope with this, such as: “instead of charging the consumer more, we found ways to make up for it by…” or whatever is factual for your situation.

If ever in doubt, the editor at the press release firm will usually point you in the right direction should your release be getting too off topic.

Word to the Wise

If you want to take your press release to the next level, and not just seek outflow and links; if you want to create buzz and really interest people then you must make an interesting and controversial release, not negative or tacky mind you, but something which grabs peoples attention and makes them want to read it.

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