What do I post on my company’s Facebook and Twitter?

The uniform response would, of course, be; “I can post my special offers, such as: “50% of all installations of paving stones today!

No, no, no! For heaven’s sake that is the LAST thing you want to post on your Facebook and Twitter. Why?

If you could for a moment take the viewpoint of your consumer and remember (as you are also a consumer too, at the end of the day) that they are being bombarded at every possible vector with advertisements, whether it be on a bench, billboard or side of a bus, and then to just get more of that on their social media websites is just unacceptable. You will find them ‘unsubscribing’ from you in short order.

So what should you post?

If you think for a moment and recall what Twitter and Facebook are all about it will click and make sense. They are social networks, meaning people go there to chat, hang out, talk about things that are interesting, fun etc. Ask yourself “what do I do on my personal Facebook and Twitter?” The answer to that question is what you should be doing on your business Facebook and Twitter, (save for anything inappropriate) it’s that simple!

Therefore, your posts should be ‘human’, ‘casual’, ‘interesting’, ‘intimate’ and should NOT be a ‘robotic promotion’.

An example of this would be:

– The Wrong way:

“10% off all roses!”

– The Right way:

“Just got a fresh batch of roses in from our supplier” (and attach a real photo, preferably with a staff member, so it can add ‘reality’)

Now this isn’t to say that you cannot put special offers in your posts, but if you are try to make it a little more human, as follows:

“We’re a little overstocked right now on ‘xyz flowers’, so we’ll give you 20% off if you help us get this stuff out of here!” (Attach a real photo of the product)

What else can you talk about?

Other ideas for posts include:

1)      New employees or staff members.

2)      The debut of new products or services.

3)      Things that your staff are working on (projects, daily run-of-the-mill routines)

4)      Pictures, pictures, pictures! Photos of your business, staff, products, etc give the world REALITY about your company! The more real your company becomes to people the more liking they will have for it. Video is also a very good idea, and is certainly one of the least tapped resources in social media promotion.

5)      Clever contests. You can make a contest: “first to answer this question gets a free whatever”. You would then post your question, and the first person that answers correctly would then be contacted by you and you’d make arrangements to get them their prize.

6)      Current events that relate to your industry

Social media promotion is the chance for companies to be friendly and down to earth with their customer base, take advantage of it!