Planting SEO seeds in the Summer for a Winter harvest

Many small business owners are apprehensive about promoting when they are busy during the Summer.

Their fear is understandable.

Many say: If I promote, and get prospects, I can’t deliver, I’ll lose reputation!

This is true for direct mail, ads, and direct promotion.

But it is not true for SEO.

If you start doing SEO now, you won’t see results for several months (2-4). It takes considerable time for Google to digest your optimizations and content, and move you up in the search results.

Therefore, SEO is the perfect kind of promotion to do during your busy months.

For the simple fact that once they busy months are over, your SEO campaigns will have had time to percolate, and get Google’s attention. You will not have a slump in sales once the slow season starts because you will have planted your seeds months before hand, resulting in a plentiful harvest during the off-season.

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