You Should Introduce Yourself

I love my privacy, if I could have my way my name and imagery would be purged forever from the data banks of the internet. I’m hoping one day the great search engines will allow us to do this, but I digress.

The majority of business owners do NOT want to put themselves on the home page of their website, and for good reason! I understand! I’m a private person, I don’t want myself all over my home page, with a stupid-looking unphotogenic smile, but, I have to. Why? Because, people do business with people.

Let me repeat that. People do business with PEOPLE.

Your web visitors don’t want to do business with your robot website. They want to do business with you and your human staff! But, they need to KNOW you’re there, and you’re not just a fake website, with a fake chatbot pretending to be a real person. 

This is another reason why stock photos don’t work. People want to do business with real living people, who have names, and job titles, and hobbies, and live in your town.

Humans are social creatures, even the introverts! Have you ever tried communicating with a robot/computer? I.e. at the self-checkout at Home Depot or Target… you know how frustrating it can be! Or how about one of those stupid chatbots on Facebook? Your website is communication. If someone visits a website you should at least put a picture of someone to ‘greet’ that visitor on your behalf!

It doesn’t have to be the owner, it can be a supervisor, another executive, hell it can even be an entry-level worker. Whoever it is needs to:

1. be a real person

2. be currently working at your company

3. be somewhat mildly photogenic, but by no means a model

Just put a nice photo of the person, and a heading of “Hi, I’m ‘First Name'”, and then a paragraph introducing the company. That’s it! It’s what normal humans do when they meet in each other in person. Try to make your website more of a human experience.