How to Create Content Easily, for Landscapers

Today I’m going to be showing you how to think of ideas for creating content for your website. And this video is specifically for landscapers.

Now, just in case you need reminding, Content is KING. If you want your website to be at the top in Google, and keep your competitors below you in Google Maps, so you can get those phone calls and new jobs coming in, you will need to be creating quality content, continuously. But, it can be a difficult task, and you might never get the ball rolling. Today I’m showing you three simple frameworks you can use to write content.

1. Buzz sumo

Go to and put in your main keyword for your industry. If you’re in fitness you can put personal trainer or fitness, if you are an electrician you can put electrician or electrical repair, if you’re in landscaping you can put landscaper or landscaping. Then hit search.

You’ll then see a list of all of the content on the web, related to that topic, that has the highest amount of shares & engagement on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

As you scroll through the list you’ll see some news items that might not be relevant to you, but you should be able to find a few things that are relevant. With these, go head and click on the articles and use these as a foundation for your own article, based off of it. By using this approach you will be creating content that is proven to be interesting due to its success on social media.

2. Project pages

If you are in a service industry (like Landscaping, for instance), you have the opportunity to write content about every job you do for a customer. Think of it as simply documenting the whole job, writing it up. You can start with the description of the job, the tools & skills needed. You can then journal the job on a daily basis, what was done, each day. Lastly, when the job is done you can get a testimonial from the customer, some before & after photos, video, as well as your overall experience. All you are doing is documenting. This gives you a great way to create content week in and week out.

3. FAQ’s

Potential customers have lots of questions, and your sales reps know what they are. It might take a few minutes to jog their memory but once you get on a roll it is likely you can think of dozens of questions that you get asked about your products/services. These are all great opportunities for unique and quality content for your website. In landscaping the topics are many! Questions about regions, plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, seasons, water features, lawn care, maintenance, hardscaping, and more!

Closing Thoughts

As you see there really is a whole wealth of potential topic to write about. Use what we discussed today to get you started and get the creative juices flowing, and by doing this you will be one step closer to dominating in Google


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